Wedding Wednesday: Titanic Destination

Couple to be hitched at largest Titanic attraction

This is the sort of headline that makes someone like myself go, “SQUEE!” Immediately my mind goes in to overdrive and I can’t keep myself from the brainstorm that ensues. Must…design…must…plan…must utilize this spark of inspiration. Titanic Belfast is sure to become a destination spot for couples looking for an meticulously authentic late Edwardian fete. Each area is a nearly exact replica of the RMS Titanic, which was built in Belfast (hence the exhibition and creation of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast Harbour).

Can you picture your ceremony on the steps of the Grand Staircase?

With a reception in the Gallery just beyond the staircase?

With all of this beautifully historical scenery, who couldn’t resist the glamour and romance of that bygone era? So, I give you my inspiration board for a Titanic inspired wedding perfect for a location such as Titanic Belfast.

Titanic Edwardian

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