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Wedding Wednesday: Moroccan Splendor

The rich culture of Morocco is the focus of this week’s Wedding Wednesday. This North African country boasts a lavish aesthetic with a deep and abiding love of family in to its wedding traditions. Moroccan wedding festivities can last from as little as three days to as many as seven days. A variety of rituals and ceremonies accompany the wedding process and start approximately a year in advance. “…an act of formal marriage commitment is established in the presence of the family members of the couple. The husband is required to give gifts to his bride. Some gifts may be symbolic, such as sugar, which represents a happy life, or milk for purity or basic gifts which could include dates, water, orange flower and henna. They also include the engagement ring and the alliance.” -http://heymorocco.com/culture/wedding-traditions-morocco.aspx

In most regions, there is a party typically attended by women only called a “furnishing” party. It takes place approximately five days prior to the wedding. A furnishing party is where household goods are given to the bride (such as bedding, blankets, etc.) and the bride’s new home is decorated.

What I love most about Moroccan weddings is the color. If you are considering a Moroccan influenced fete, color is key. Don’t be shy about your use of bright hues combined with a variety of golden metallics such as bronze, copper, and of course, gold.

Here is a bit of Moroccan splendor to liven up your Wedding Wednesday:

Cake by Rosebud Cakes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14559934@N04/1833719578/

Morroccan Wedding