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Valentine’s Day: Vintage Valentines

Here is a fun little post of some really cute and a couple of strange vintage valentines. I think my favorite is the little pirate.

Tyrone’s Blog: vintage valentine cards

The Seven Deadly Sinners: Love Gun

Free Vintage Valentines

Free Vintage Valentines

Valentine’s Day: Weird Heart Shaped Food

This is a post on the sillier side of Valentines Day. I think we all know someone who is SO rabid about Valentine’s Day that everything they serve either to their loved ones on this day must be in the shape of a heart. To them I salute you and provide you with nine more things to make in the shape of a heart…check out the heart shaped meatloaf (with props for using delicious bacon as a garnish) and that scary looking steak (yikes!).

Valentine’s Day: Marie Antoinette Style

Well folks, it’s that time of year when the jewelry counters and stores start hocking those heart shaped pendants, roses that were $25 a dozen are now $50 a dozen, and men are told that diamonds are the way to a woman’s heart. How about bucking the norm and going a little bit outside the box? This Marie Antoinette set is inspired by the elaborate valentine on the upper left hand corner. Yes, the general Valentine’s Day type treats and gifts are present here such as a card, candy, and flowers; however, they are presented in a new light. If you are still at a loss for what to do for your sweetie today, I hope this provides you with a bit of inspiration as I was inspired by my friend, Bear’s, Facebook note regarding the day.

Stay tuned as I plan to do more than one set today.

Wedding Wednesday: Red and White

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to put together an inspiration board that evoked the holiday without being too overt. For the bold bride, consider going completely outside the box with the latest trend in bridal wear, color, and wear a red gown. Skip the expected heart motif and opt for an elegant red damask. Add drama and romance with the use of dripping crystals and deep red roses. So, for those of you getting married around Valentines Day either this year or next year, this set is for you:

Havva Jean Red Shoe
330 GBP – mysugarland.co.uk
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Wedding Cakes Pictures: Red Damask Wedding Cakes

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