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Monday’s Finding: Tablescape Inspiration

Today I thought I would post some of my favorite tablescapes I have pinned as of late. I’ve got just about every style of wedding represented: glam, classic, goth, shabby chic, vintage, modern, etc. We are talking some major inspiration for your own reception decor. For those of us (like myself) on a tight budget, you can use these ideas and pick one or two details to focus on, find ways to DIY, substitute more expensive materials with budget friendly ones, or borrow the color scheme and still come off with a gorgeous tablescape your guests will love. So without further ado…EYE CANDY!

Tablescapes 1

Tablescapes 2

Tablescapes 3

Tablescapes 4

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Reception Lounges

In the past year or two, reception lounges with their casual setting aside from the buffet and dance floor have become increasing popular at weddings. Bride Tide is predicting that the reception lounge popularity will increase in 2013 and lounges are definitely on trend. Personally, I love them. They provide a great option for your guests who either don’t want to dance, those who are taking a break from getting their dance on not just for rest, but for mingling and conversation without the noise of the dance floor and sans the stiff dining chair. There are ways to create a lounge for every theme, budget, and guest total. Here are some of my faves from around the ‘net.

Modern Wedding Lounge

Rustic Wedding Lounge

Vintage/Garden Reception Loungs

Glam/Classic Reception Lounge

Monday’s Finding: Sticks and Stones…

If you are a couple on a budget, nature has so graciously supplied you with free or nearly free centerpiece ideas. Sticks, branches, and stones when used en masse can make a big decorative impact without killing your budget. You can go rustic with little embellishment, add votives for a bit of glitz, or add flowers (fresh, artificial, paper, etc.) for a touch of romance. Mix tall branch arrangements with low stone arrangements for a bit of variety or for a more uniform look, keep your table decor the same.

One of my favorite trends involves decorating the stone with crocheted mini doilies as shown below. Scattered in the middle or down the center of a table with white votives they will be gorgeous and can even double as a favor.

Here are some ideas to inspire your own sticks and stones arrangements. Take care all and have a great Monday!

Branches and sticks centerpieces

Stones Centerpieces

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Wedding Trends: Tall Centerpieces

According to Bridal Guide’s “Wedding Trend Report for 2012,” tall towering centerpieces are making a comeback for wedding season 2012. As many brides are moving toward more formal classic fetes, tall centerpieces that add instant drama to any reception are on the rise (ba dum dump…bad pun, I know).

What’s great about centerpieces with significant height? For venues with high ceilings, tall centerpieces can fill in some of that vertical space thus making the room feel less sparse. Tall centerpieces allow for long strands of crystals, and with the right structure, create layers of light via tall tapers or hanging votives. Finally, they are almost always a show stopper adding instant “wow” to your reception decor.

Here are some of my favorite tall centerpieces sure to provide inspiration for your own nuptials. Have a beautiful day all!


Tall Centerpieces Rustic


Tall centerpieces Garden


Tall Centerpieces Modersn


Tall Centerpieces Classic

Saturday Surprise: Luxe Week: Amazing Tablescapes

Well, here we are at the end of luxe week. I hope you have enjoyed it and have gotten some ideas for your next event or for your upcoming wedding. While many of the ideas shown are very high budget, you can still have a lovely event and use this week’s posts as an inspiration. FYI- My personal budget for my own wedding is $5,000 and through this week have found some ideas that I will incorporate in to my wedding celebration.

Luxe Tablescapes