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Tip or Trend Tuesday: Food Trucks…What, How, When, Where?

The trend up on the blogs, in the mags, and at bridal shows I have heard the most buzz about? Food trucks and their little bits of foodie goodness. It seems like everyone’s talking about how great they are, but how in the world do I find them? Do I use one truck or a few trucks? Do I want one for the meal or for a late night snack? Will my venue allow it? My venue allows them, but where do I put them? So much buzz and so many questions. Well, I think I’ve got some answers for you!

The how…Food trucks don’t work like venues, with listings on wedding sites and directories…yet. You have to know where to find them and that can take a bit of exploring…or does it? Like with most things nowadays, there’s an app (or two) for that! However, how good are those apps?

For the purposes of this post, I checked out a few of the more popular apps and none wowed me. Some were clunky to use, while others were incomplete in the coverage of many major cities, and those that were in cities I was familiar with, just didn’t return many trucks. I know Denver has more than three food trucks.

My best advice is to do a comprehensive Google search. The best way to get targeted results is to conduct your search as such, “food truck” and your city name. My first page of hits for Denver were filled with food truck gold. Lists sorted by food type with links to each truck’s Twitter accounts (most food trucks post their daily locations on Twitter no matter what city you are in. One site, Where is that food truck? even had a contact form one can send to the site with a specific food truck request for your event and they will pass your info on to the truck, making a food truck bride’s search much easier! No matter what city you’re in, you are bound to find food truck loving sites to point you in the right direction and help you cater your fabulous food truck fete.

Once you’ve gotten some ideas as to which vendors you would like to explore, pay them a visit…no, really pay. A food truck doesn’t operate like a caterer or banquet hall. Their income opportunities are not based on ambiance, wait staff, etc. They have to sell good food and sell it fast. So, don’t even think of asking for a free tasting from their menu. Get out there and get to their stop/s and get a sense of whether you like the food or not and as to how they respond to their customers when the line starts to mount. You want a vendor who can not only make great food, but that can keep his/her cool under pressure.

So, now that you’ve tasted from your list of truck/trucks and chosen your fave/s, here are some questions to ask the vendor before signing a contract.

  • Do you have a set menu that you stick with or do you customize it for an event?
  • How many people are you able to serve and what is the maximum time allowance to serve those people?
  • How do you keep food hot and/ or cold?
  • Do you charge a flat fee or per person?
  • Do you offer beverage service? Alcohol?
  • If you are going to use the trucks as stations: What other food trucks have you worked with or recommend to compliment your truck’s fare?
  • What are the city’s rules regarding food truck service for events?
  • If you are using the trucks for a late night snack: What’s the latest you  can serve? What foods do you recommend or caution against for late night snacks?
  • Do I need to obtain any permits or insurance to use your services?
  • Are there any limitations on where you can park?
  • Does the city permit such services at my venue? Some cities restrict the boundaries of where a food truck may go.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Are you considering a food truck wedding? If so, I’d love to hear about it and what you are planning to serve. Planned a food truck wedding? What was your experience at your wedding?

Style Thursday: Ring Nail Trend

Once upon a time, I went to beauty school. I love hair, nails, and makeup and have managed to keep up with what’s trending in the beauty world and the number one trend my trusted nail artists folk are seeing, “ring nails.” The “ring nail” manicure is basically one style of polish on all but both of your ring fingers. Typically, it’s an ornate design, overlay, pop of glitter, etc. that makes your ring fingers stand out from the rest of your mani.

Of course, like any beauty or fashion trend, the “ring nail” manicure has made it’s way in to the world of bridal. The most popular choice for brides is a french manicure with a striking bit of nail art on the ring fingers. Many brides choose to express the color palette of their wedding with their “ring nail” polish and art. Others, choose something that is close to their heart or something for that proverbial, “something blue.” If you are digging this trend, whatever your ring nail choice, have fun with it! Here are a few bits of “ring nail” mani inspiration to get your creativity flowing.

Ring Nail Trend 1

Beauty product

Nail care

Nail treatment

Nail care

Nail care

Of Weddings And Tiaras

Ring Nail Trend 2

Nail care

Nail care

Nail care

Nail care

nailpop: hearts x french




Wedding Wednesday: Purple and Lavender Glam

Today, I have one glamtastic bit of purple and lavender inspiration for you. When I came across this lavender gown, I knew I had to put a board together for it. Monochromatic decor is very on-trend for weddings this year (see the Winter edition of The Knot) and if you are a fan of purple, then this monochromatic glam inspiration is perfect for you.

In addition, I have some great lavender and purple bits and bobs from the participants of the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show to get you started on all of that wedding shopping. Speaking of the show, this year’s show will debut here on the Belle Memorie blog on Monday, March 18th. This year it’s bigger and better than ever with over 440 shops and LOTS of custom and one of a kind finds to help you make your wedding just as beautiful as your love. So, mark your calendars and enjoy your day!

Purple and Lavender Wedding

‘Purple & Lavender Wedding: Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team’ by ravengrrl

Purple Wedding Shoes — Purp…


Crystal Champagne Flutes Bea…


Elegant wedding cake serving…


handmade Purple wedding broo…


Traditions White Damask on P…


Purple and Silver Filigree F…


Purple Boutonniere, Natural …


Weddings, Wedding Decoration…


Purple Wedding Dress Custom …


Purple bottle wedding favors…


Purple Beeswax Rose Taper Ca…


Tutu Flower Girl Dress, Purp…


Purple Wedding Card Box, Eng…




Damask Violet & Charcoal Lay…


Custom make Vintage Beach We…


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Tip or Trend Tuesday: Trend: Lavish Florals for Hair and More

Today’s trend comes from Bride Tide’s 2013 trend list…lavish florals. From breathtaking floral headpieces to swoonworthy tablescapes, this trend can be summed up in two words, “eye candy.” So, today I bring you enough floral eye candy to make your eyes glaze over in a stupor of georgeousness (yes, I just went the made up word route). I know you are going to find a great deal of inspiration in these luxe floral creations. Enjoy and by all means…indulge yourself!

Lavish Florals 1

Lavish Florals 2

Lavish Florals 3

Lavish florals 4

Lavish flowers 5

Lavish Florals 5

Friday’s Favorites: “I Do Garlands” and “All a Flutter Over Red and Blush”

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to do your best TGIF happy dance! ‘Twas a longish week for me as I am not only working to provide you with the normal fabulous content I present to you (I’m modest…yep), but I’m finishing up the final details of this blog’s heart and soul: The Etsy Virtual Bridal Show!

Yes, dear readers, it’s that time of year. The time where the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team takes over the blog for two weeks as we present our best handmade wedding creations and super fab vintage wedding finds to help you bring that one of a kind “authentically you wedding do!” This is our third year and I couldn’t be prouder of this little project. From just 100 shops that I personally invited, to last year’s team creation, and this year’s 440 shops, I know that you will hit the bridal mother load when it comes to finding everything from original couture gown creations to unique ever so trendy garlands to spruce up your event space. March 18th is the day to mark on your calendar for the beginning of the show!

So, this week’s favorites are a treasury of fabulous on trend garlands from many Etsy vendors as well as a treasury all a flutter with a blush and red butterfly theme. Enjoy the treasuries and most of all, remember that this wedding planning stuff, it supposed to be fun!

‘I Do Garlands’ by ravengrrl

Blue Wedding Garland Backdro…


Eco Wedding Garland Decorati…


Spring and Summer Paper Bunt…


Wedding Garland Fall Bunting…


32ft LONG READY to SHIP Trop…


SALE Paper Garland, RED HEAR…


Vintage Hankie Bunting – Wed…


Wedding Garland Paper flower…


Rustic Wedding Garland Eco F…


Fabric and Flower Wedding Ga…






Ivory Wedding Garland – Tull…


Gold Glitter and Purple Pape…


Black White Damask Wedding G…


The Petite Glam Scallop Garl…


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‘Blush and Red Butterfly Wedding’ by ravengrrl

Floor Length Backless Chiffo…


Raspberry Bridal Bobby Pins,…


Ruby Red Bridal Belt, Plaid …


Bridal Necklace, Vintage, We…


Red & Pink Butterfly Bouquet…


Custom make Vintage Straples…


Red Wine Pink And Light peac…


Burgundy and pink Flower Gir…


SALE Red Light Pink Butterfl…


30 3D Wall Butterflies, Pape…


Red Pink Ombre hand dyed Fab…


Berry Surprise Combo Sparkly…


30 Butterflies, 3 Lanterns, …


Pink and Red Bridal garter,…


Men’s Tie Pink and Red V…


Mini Journal Handmade Refill…


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