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Steampunk Week: Stunner Thursday: Accessories

If you’ve been following the blog this week, you’ll find a bunch of great Steampunk inspiration and bits and bobs for your own Steampunk themed wedding. Steampunk is the marriage of Victorian aesthetic and science fiction such as literature by Jules Verne. For today’s post, I have some great Steampunk accessories to show you, even for the menfolk! I hope you enjoy and stay tuned tomorrow for fabulous Steampunk wedding favorites from Etsy.

Steampunk Bridal Accessories

The Steampunk Bride’s Wedding Gown, part 1

The Steampunk Bride’s Wedding Gown, part 1

Hair accessory

Steampunk Bride


Solid border

Steampunk shoes


Victorian boots

Heel boots

High heel shoes

Gothic boots

Ballet flat shoes

Victorian shoes

Victorian shoes

Solid border

Untitled #748

Steampunk Week: Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration

On today’s Wedding Wednesday, I got a bit creative with the layout of the inspiration board. I’m curious as to what you all think. Do you like this sort of a format or do you prefer the formats I’ve used in the past? Leave me a comment with your opinion or drop me a line: bellememorieco@gmail.com.

For today’s inspiration, I found some seriously cool bridal accessories and an amazing dirigible cake. Seriously, those shoes just about make me swoon! If you’re considering a Steampunk wedding, consider a loft/warehouse type venue. It will give your fete a bit of an industrial feel and will put a big exclamation point on your Steampunk design. How about a wishing tree made of metal branches and tags in the shape of cogs, washers, bolts, etc. for your guests to write their well wishes for you and your love? For the groom? Think Victorian ascots and cutaway coats or go literal with a bespoke Steampunk design (stay tuned for Friday’s Favorites for some great designs on this front). Keep your color palette neutral and ad bits of metallic accents for an authentic Steampunk vibe. Most of all? Have fun with this them and make it yours! I hope you enjoy the set.


Steampunk Week: Monday’s Finding: Masculine Steampunk…Elevated by Prada

How was your weekend all? Mine was nice and quiet as I begin on a memory book of my Dad for his memorial and on fabric flowers for my own wedding. The memory book is presenting itself to be a bit emotional and humorous all at the same time. My favorite page I created is that of the love between my mom (who passed just last year) and dad. There are a plethora of pics of them doing the whole PDA kissing thing. So, I picked three or four just to add a bit of humor to the project. My parents were together 49 years and their love for each other was evident throughout all of those years. Enough about me, let’s start Steampunk week with a gorgeous collection from Prada.

For Fall/Winter 2013, Prada has jumped on the Steampunk trend with a well executed passion. This men’s collection is gorgeous from head to toe and lends itself to a streamlined, Steampunk influenced wedding fete. Did I mention that Gary Oldman modeled this collection? That man just makes me swoon. Other celebrities such as Willem Dafoe, Tim Roth, Jamie Bell, and Garrett Hedlund. The collection takes the best bits from Steampunk such as high collared waistcoats, chocolate brown coats, and goggle inspired eye wear.

When I came across the link to this collection on Pinterest a few days ago, I knew I had to feature it. For a couple looking to have a Steampunk influenced wedding that is not too cosplay, this collection is perfect for the groom and masculine attendants in your wedding party. This week, the blog will feature all things steampunk…stay tuned! So, without further ado, here is a glimpse in to Prada’s Fall/Winter 2013 menswear collection:

Steampunk Elevated

Friday’s Favorites: From Steampunk to Rustic Denim

Happy Friday! I am SO looking forward to this weekend. I’ll be working on more bouquets for my Etsy shop as well as taking new photos that will do my bouquets justice. Crossing my fingers that I will get a sale or two in the next week.

This week’s Friday’s Favorites takes us from Steampunk to racy lacy gowns sure to grab some major attention. I hope you enjoy my finds and as always, please consider buying from individual artisans and businesses. There’s just nothing like a great bit of vintage and the character of handmade goods. Enjoy your weekend!

‘Steam-fueled Nuptials’ by ravengrrl

Gorgeous Steampunk wedding finds from invites to cake topper.

Steampunk Wedding Dress Goth…


MADE TO ORDER Steampunk insp…


Brown and Black Tooled Faux …


Full Steampunk with Leather …


Set of 12 Mini Twirlable Wed…


Alice in Wonderland Inspired…


Vintage Steampunk Wedding In…


Steampunk wedding ‘Pocke…


Antique Gold Clock Hands Ste…


Steampunk Boutonniere – Groo…


Steampunk Victorian Rail Chi…


Metal Wedding Bouquet–a Ste…


Old Time or Western Version …


Steampunk Ring Pillow – Hand…


Steampunk necklace, Couture …


Edible Chocolate Candy Gears…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

‘Heirloom Bridal ‘ by ravengrrl

From brooch bouquets to garters accented with gorgeous jewelry. You are sure to find that these pieces will be handed down through the generations.

Brooch and Jeweled Bouquet -…


SALE – Bridal bouquet CANDY …


Brooch and Satin Bouquet… …


Amelia Sparkling Hand Tied H…


Bib Pearl Necklace- Statemen…


HUGE Brooch OR Hair Comb, Vi…


Edwardian Bride EXLUSIVE Sig…


Heirloom Double Strand Butte…


Bridal Garter made of Gold L…


Bridal Garter Set in White P…


WEDDING Garter SET- Vintage …


Wedding Garter Set in Vintag…


Teardrop Rhinestone and Pear…


14k Gold Vintage Goddess Cam…


Custom Engraved Family Crest…


Rhinestone Brooch Vintage As…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

‘Blue Jean Wedding’ by ravengrrl

Blue and tan for a rustic casual wedding.

shabby chic Stretch denim an…


Custom Wedding Photo Album B…


Distressed Wooden Letters, C…


Denim Ring Bearer Bow Tie Fo…


Romantic style Denim Flowers…


Clutch – Bridesmaid Clutches…


Paper flower and denim weddi…


Texas Blue Bonnet real press…


Shabby Chic Country Denim & …


Wedding First Dance Lyric Pa…


Denim Blue Fabric Bird


Woodland wedding Handmade Se…


Pale Blue Denim Yellow Gingh…


Special Event or Wedding Inv…


Classic Blue Beige Stripes F…


Blue Bird Tags – Two Colored…


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‘Ooh la lace!’ by ravengrrl

These bridal designs are definitely true statement pieces for the bride who loves lace, but that wants to really challenge the status quo.

Custom Made Hand-embroidered…


Custom make Vintage Beach We…


Custom make Vintage Wedding …


Pink Lacen Bohemian Wedding …


Romantic dress, gorgeous fre…


Belinda-Strapless Silk Lace …


LAURA ivory wedding dress (…


White Lacen Assymetric Chiff…


Hippie Beach Wedding Gown


Vintage 70s The Fashion Plac…


Lace Wedding Dress Vintage R…


Joleen – Vintage Inspired La…


Customized ivory lace brida…


Custom Wedding Shoes — Ivor…


Swarovski Crystal – Black & …


Bella7289 Wedding Shoes Lace…


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Monday’s Finding: Steampunk Wedding Attire

Over the past few years, a subculture that began in the 80s has made it’s way in to the main: Steampunk. What is Steampunk? Steampunk as an aesthetic (for our purposes here) that combines influences of Victorian fashion, science fiction, fantasy, and a setting where steam powered gadgets and whatnot are brought together to create a Jules Verne and Wild Wild West world of fancy. In the past couple of years, this aesthetic has taken off and has become it’s own unique subculture that often sits alongside the gothic subculture. It’s fantastical whimsy at its finest: gears, goggles, leather, petticoats, waistcoats, and cravats all with an ode to mechanized gadgetry.

Here’s a glimpse in to the Steampunk world:

Isn’t it fabulous!?!

Steampunk aesthetic has definitely wound (lol…pun intended) it’s way in to the wedding world. With more couples basing their nuptials on who they are and what they love together rather than what has been prescribed to them for so long, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this collection of Steampunk wedding attire for both the feminine and masculine folk. I hope you enjoy and remember that it’s YOUR wedding. So, make it your way!

Steampunk 1

$895 – weddingdressfantasy.com

Red dress
$865 – etsy.com

2 piece dress
$800 – etsy.com

Corset gown
£350 – etsy.com

Knee length black skirt
$950 – etsy.com

Steampunk Wedding 2

Bridal dress
$998 – etsy.com

White Steam full outfit
$600 – steampunkcouture.com

£70 – lovechildboudoir.com

Steampunk Wedding
$43 – clockworkcouture.com

Black dress


Steampunk Wedding 3

Tuxedo vest
$795 – etsy.com

Vinyl coat
$139 – clockworkcouture.com

Step In Time Steampunk Tailcoat
$131 – clockworkcouture.com

Sherlock tailcoat
$299 – steampunkcouture.com