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Steampunk Week: Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration

On today’s Wedding Wednesday, I got a bit creative with the layout of the inspiration board. I’m curious as to what you all think. Do you like this sort of a format or do you prefer the formats I’ve used in the past? Leave me a comment with your opinion or drop me a line: bellememorieco@gmail.com.

For today’s inspiration, I found some seriously cool bridal accessories and an amazing dirigible cake. Seriously, those shoes just about make me swoon! If you’re considering a Steampunk wedding, consider a loft/warehouse type venue. It will give your fete a bit of an industrial feel and will put a big exclamation point on your Steampunk design. How about a wishing tree made of metal branches and tags in the shape of cogs, washers, bolts, etc. for your guests to write their well wishes for you and your love? For the groom? Think Victorian ascots and cutaway coats or go literal with a bespoke Steampunk design (stay tuned for Friday’s Favorites for some great designs on this front). Keep your color palette neutral and ad bits of metallic accents for an authentic Steampunk vibe. Most of all? Have fun with this them and make it yours! I hope you enjoy the set.


Etsy Virtual Bridal Show: Mens/Masculine Attire

Welcome to the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show with links for readers to donate to Wish Upon a Wedding.

Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. Often, couples facing such situations do not have the energy, time, money, or resources needed to plan their wedding. Our organization takes care of all the details, offering couples a chance to relax and enjoy a very special day while surrounded by the love of their closest family and friends.” -www.wishuponawedding.org

While I am a volunteer with Wish Upon a Wedding, Parties by Kristen is not affiliated with Wish Upon a Wedding in any other capacity and is not an official representative of Wish Upon a Wedding. In addition, Parties by Kristen is not affiliated with Etsy or the vendors featured and is not an official representative of Etsy or of each of these vendors. I am simply a fan of these artists/vendors and a volunteer with a passion for what I do and for organizations I have chosen to donate my time and finances to. I have sought permission from each and every vendor featured to use their products and their photos. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. These products are the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of each artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both illegal and unethical.

Our first Etsy shop in this category is Southern Beaus. Southern Beaus make lovely handmade bow ties that are sure to enhance your suit and lend a playful note to your wedding. “Couldn’t be happier with this item! The bow tie itself is absolutely gorgeous and will be a sure crowd pleaser. The shipping was quick, through USPS Priority Mail. Ashlyn provided a tracking number as well when the tie was shipped. A personalized letter with care instructions only helped to make this an incredibly enjoyable experience. I will definitely be purchasing from Southern Beaus again!”

When I saw Bethany’s ties in her shop, Cyberoptix Tie Lab, I knew I had to feature them. “We specialize in making men (and women!) of all ages undeniably presentable. We dutifully outfit gangs of groomsmen and ring-bearers… Simply, we make “Ties That Don’t Suck.” We’ve made hip guys, young and old, enjoy dressing up! We are a small boutique design house specializing in mens affordable-but-luxurious accessories, all created with love and a commitment to responsible design and manufacturing. We focus exclusively on hand-screenprinted silk and microfiber neckties – and some scarves for the ladies too.” “A great tie for my fiance on his wedding day…he loves it, not to mention there is a great variety to choose from, and we got the tie within 2 days of buying it…which was AMAZING!!! Thank you!”

Next, we have the work of Deborah Sciales of DES Eco-Opulence. “Deborah Sciales is a San Francisco designer who sewed her first dress when she was twelve. Her Albanian ancestors emigrated to Sicily in the 16th century, bringing their rich traditions, colorful textiles, and elaborate costumes to a small village near Palermo. These traditions were handed down from mother to daughter through generations until Deborah’s mother passed them on to her.” “This is literally the exact vest my fiancee was hoping to wear for our wedding: the craftsmanship is impeccable, the fit is great, and the materials are fantastic. Thank you!!!!”

Cosmic Firefly is the work of Las Vegas Designers BA and NAY.”Cosmic Firefly is our creative outlet for all things Steampunk, Gothic Victorian, Vintage, Retro, Weird, and Funky inspired items – Including Necklaces, Cuff links, Rings, Lockets, Cigarette Cases, Business Card Cases, Metal Wallets, and Money Clips with Incredible Raised Designs.” “These cufflinks are the best! My husband absolutely loves them. I ordered these right around Christmas time, and Cosmic Firefly was so great. They got them to me a few days after I placed the order. So fast!”

Next we have Gentleman’s Jabot. Gentleman’s Jabot is a great shop featuring waistcoats and cravats that can bring a bit of old world elegance to your wedding. “Shipped quickly and it’s PERFECT! My fiancee searched EVERYWHERE for this! Thank you so much; it’s going to look great on our wedding day :)”

Here we have A. J. Machete and Sons from my fabulous place of residence, Denver, CO. “Our suits are not just simple works of craft, but hold within them the methods and ideals of many ages. Here the Victorian, there the Edwardian. A dash of the 1960s and the 1930s. A tux that combines the best of the 1860s with contemporary LA style. Each piece that we make is truly one of a kind and designed and tailored to fit the body and mind of the client.” -http://denverbespoke.com/?page_id=2. “Brilliant design- the finest tailoring with matching customer service. I’ll be ordering a more formal suit for my wedding day. Thanks again, Scott”

Coats, Suits, and Jackets:

Shirts, Vests, Ties

Me and Matilda is, “Home of the original washable cotton Everyday Necktie ™. Custom orders using your fabric are welcome. We work with cotton, silk, satin, linen, microfiber and more. A truly custom look for your event at an affordable price.” “I was very pleased with my service with MeandMatilda. She helped me customize an order for my May 2011 wedding where damask is the main pattern. I was very impressed with her patience with me as a customer. I received the ties yesterday and they look amazing. They look and feel as if I went to a department store and bought them. Our best man already commented that he was glad to see a tie hold in the back. I am sure these will look amazing for our upcoming wedding. I would highly suggest this shop. Laura O”

Retro Classy Cufflinks says, “After years of making jewelry from LEGOs and other retro board game pieces for friends and family, I’ve finally decided to put my creations out there for others to get their hands on. I started making them in high school for my girlfriend and my friends. They would come to me and tell me how many people stopped them and commented them on how much they loved them and asked where they got them. This unintentionally led to me creating pieces for the whole school! Now all profits from my sales goes toward helping me pay for college!” “Love these – got them for my future groom, we have a longstanding Scrabble rivalry! Well made, exactly as promised, and I can’t wait to see his face when I give them to him :-)”

Next we have Wendelart by Wendel Johnston, with his great slightly casual jackets and tees for a modern relaxed look on your special day. “Clothing for the man with an independent spirit.” “Fantastic blazer: Great design, quality fabrics and very well constructed. This guy is AWESOME! Good value, as well. Highly recommended!”

Here we have the husband and wife team of Wickham House who make a variety of classic men’s accessories sure to have your male attendants looking dapper and polished. “I got 8 bow ties for my groomsmen, and a couple for myself. They turned out AWESOME!!! Thank you for getting them to me so quickly. These look like top notch bow-ties, and well below the prices that I have seen at a couple suit stores. Thanks! My fiancee loves the bow tie on me, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Well done Wickham House!”

Next, we have a returning vendor from the Jewelry portion of the show, QA Create. “QA Create specializes in niche artisan-made jewelry. We try to create jewelry with an edge and style, recycling lost and forgotten items into something fashionable.” “I received the cufflinks today (3/29/11), in a reasonable amount of time for shipping. They look great, exactly as advertised! Will be a gift to my groom… he’s going to LOVE them!!!! Thanks again!”

Finally we have Projector, “Projector’s aim is to provide original neck wear designs for people who are looking for something different from the ‘run of the mill’ stuff found in retail outlets.” Really fantastic products and service ! So so helpful 🙂 We love the ties – they are perfect for our wedding Highly recommended!”