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Tip or Trend Tuesday: Trend: Lavish Florals for Hair and More

Today’s trend comes from Bride Tide’s 2013 trend list…lavish florals. From breathtaking floral headpieces to swoonworthy tablescapes, this trend can be summed up in two words, “eye candy.” So, today I bring you enough floral eye candy to make your eyes glaze over in a stupor of georgeousness (yes, I just went the made up word route). I know you are going to find a great deal of inspiration in these luxe floral creations. Enjoy and by all means…indulge yourself!

Lavish Florals 1

Lavish Florals 2

Lavish Florals 3

Lavish florals 4

Lavish flowers 5

Lavish Florals 5

Saturday’s Latest: Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team: 2/2/13

‘Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team: Latest and Greatest 2/2/12… 1 of 2’ by ravengrrl

Stretchy Lace Bridal Wrist C…


Unique wedding favors – BBQ …


Wedding bridal crown wreath …


Eggplant and Turquoise Weddi…


Red, White, Black, Bridal Br…


Bridal fascinator, Birdcage …


Handmade Cotton Lace Collar,…


Handmade Cotton Lace Appliqu…


Handmade Cotton Lace Appliqu…


Gates – Romantic Wedding Inv…


Love Story Tree – Unique Wed…


Gates – Romantic Wedding Inv…


Lace – Unique Wedding Invita…


Beach Wedding Barefoot Sanda…


Wedding Barefoot Sandals Bri…


Wedding Barefoot Sandals Sta…


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‘Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team: Latest and Greatest 2/2/13 2 of 2’ by ravengrrl

Wedding Barefoot Sandals Mal…


Handmade Cotton Lace Appliqu…


Black Handmade Tulle Lace C…


Handmade Cotton Lace Appliqu…


pearl leaves tiara – freshwa…


large circle tiara of mixed …


steampunk pearl comb – vint…


Lace Pocket – Simple Wedding…


Gates – Romantic Wedding Inv…


Gates – Romantic Wedding Inv…


Lace – Unique Wedding Invita…


Flower Girl, Baptism, Commun…


Ring Bearer Bowl Wedding Rin…


Seashell Shell Ring Bearer H…


Personalized Ring Bearer Bow…


Starfish Ring Bearer Ring Pi…


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Saturday’s Latest: Welcome Sarafina Dreams and Team Roundup

Today, I’d like to welcome Sarafina Dreams to the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team! I adore Janie’s classic lingerie designs in beautiful flowy fabrics. I have to say that my favorite piece is the oversized men’s shirt romper. I hope you enjoy Saragina Dreams and the latest from the team. 🙂

“Sarafina Dreams is the manifestation of all the lingerie designs constantly dancing through my mind. I love lingerie and have been in the business for years. It was my dream to have my own line and it’s so much fun to watch as each piece becomes a reality. I adore full sweeping gowns, silky nylon, silk knits and cotton. A lot of my inspiration comes from vintage 30’s and 40’s silhouettes and my love of global textiles. Fabric is always an inspiration. Besides my gowns and robes I also do custom and altered couture bridal petticoats. Etsy is a great place for me to be able to flourish as an artist and designer.” -Sarafina Dreams’ Etsy profile

‘Saturday’s Latest: Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team 1/19/13’ by ravengrrl

Wedding bridal crown wreath …


Wedding bridal crown wreath …


Wedding bouquet photo charm….


Handmade Boutonniere, Rustic…


Plantable Wedding Seed Favor…


Vineyard Wedding Invite Temp…


Blue Turquoise Purple Weddin…


Burlap Lantern Glass Jars …


MC wedding bouquet – the ROY…


Wedding Pillow Hand embroide…


Purple and Silver Filigree F…


Wedding Jewelry, Full Set, E…


Invitation Pocketfold Letter…


SALE LARGE Rainforest 8 Pinw…


STEFANA Wedding Crowns-Ortho…


Brown feather fascinator lea…


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Monday’s Finding: 9 x 8 = 72 Alternative Wedding Bouquets

This past weekend, I went on a bouquet finding mission. I found so many awesome non-traditional floral bouquets that I just HAD to share them with you. There are so many creative and talented people making beautiful bouquets for brave brides who dare to buck tradition. My advice…go for it!

Alternative Bouquets 1

Alternative bouquet 2

Alternative bouquets 3

Alternative bouquets 4

Alternative bouquets 5

Alternative bouquets 6

Alternative bouquets 7

Alternative bouquets 8

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Fruit in Flowers: Bouquets

If you are a foodie looking to incorporate your love of food in to your wedding in a unique way, seeking to add a bit of symbolism such as pomegranates and their link to fertility (for those looking to add children to your family), or looking to take a step outside of the typical floral box, this post is for you.

A growing trend in wedding florals and specifically bridal bouquets, is the incorporation of beautiful fruits in to your design. They not only add a bit of folklore and symbolism in to your bouquet, but also rich color and texture. Here are some gorgeous bouquets from around the net to spark your imagination and creativity when it comes to your own bouquet and perhaps your design for all of your wedding florals. Enjoy!

Fruit in Flowers 1

Fruit Bouquets 2

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Tips: Know Your Bouquet Types

Decisions decisions…planning a wedding is full of them, even down to your bouquet. Do you want to go with a traditional round or hand-tied bouquet or do you want to wow them with a glamelia or biedermeier? Wait what? What in the world is a biedermeier and where is your Aunt Glamelia?

Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday is all about the many types of bouquet shapes and beautiful examples of each. Go in to your floral appointment armed and ready to make an informed decision about your bouquet choice. From traditional to an out of the ordinary pomander or tussy mussy, I’ve got you covered!

A round bouquet can be composed of one or many flowers typically using a bouquet holder. It’s larger than similar rounds (about the size of your head) like a posy or nosegay.

For that just picked from the garden look, a hand-tied bouquet is a gathering of flowers hand-tied with a ribbon.

Flowers in an asymmetrical bouquet are longer on one side than the other.

This bouquet has flowers that arc outward on both sides to create a crescent shape.

This shape is made by draping flowers downward to create a waterfall or cascade effect.

A presentation bouquet is made up of flowers with long stems so the bouquet can be carried in the bend of your arm.

A posy is a small round bouquet and can be loose or structured. Typically about half the size of a traditional round.

Tussy Mussy
This bouquet uses a small metal hand-carried vase.

Similar in shape and size to a posy, a nosegay has more greenery than flowers.

A biedermeier bouquet consists of concentric rings of flowers with each ring being a specific type of flower.

This bouquet is made up of many flower petals that are attached together to form one giant flower.

The fan bouquet is simply a fan that has had flowers attached to it.

Typically used for winter weddings, a muff bouquet is made up of flowers attached to a muff.

Also known as a kissing ball, a pomander is a tight ball of flowers attached to ribbon or a chain.

A wreath bouquet is a bouquet typically created on a wreath form or formed from a circle of florals.

The ballerina bouquet is a round bouquet made up of or accented by tulle or netting with a few flowers.

Flower bracelet/Wrist
Similar to a wrist corsage, a flower bracelet typically is larger in scope with a variety of flowers.

A floral presentation in a basket that can be cone-shaped or take on the shape of the basket used to hold the flowers.

A bouquet/creation in the shape of a large wand.

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Non-floral Botanicals

Bridal Guide has released their wedding trend predictions for the coming year and one of my favorites is using non-florals in bouquets and decor typically reserved for the botanical big boys like peonies, roses, orchids, etc. Be it a hand-tied herbal posy or a grip of pine cones dotted with a bit of bling, many couples are choosing to forgo the expense of cut flowers. For some it’s an environmental issue: Have you seen those wedding shows where thousands of couture heirloom flowers are flown in from across the world? For others it’s utilizing the beauty of their surroundings: Think local landscapes such as an outdoor wedding in a desert climate using a variety of succulents and manzanita. Whatever the reason, non-florals are what’s trending and I believe will move beyond trend as more couples are looking to be environmentally conscious as well as seeking to blend in with their local landscape. Enjoy!

Non-floral Botanical Centerpieces

Non-floral Ceremony Decor

Non-floral botanical bouquets