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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Fruit in Flowers: Bouquets

If you are a foodie looking to incorporate your love of food in to your wedding in a unique way, seeking to add a bit of symbolism such as pomegranates and their link to fertility (for those looking to add children to your family), or looking to take a step outside of the typical floral box, this post is for you.

A growing trend in wedding florals and specifically bridal bouquets, is the incorporation of beautiful fruits in to your design. They not only add a bit of folklore and symbolism in to your bouquet, but also rich color and texture. Here are some gorgeous bouquets from around the net to spark your imagination and creativity when it comes to your own bouquet and perhaps your design for all of your wedding florals. Enjoy!

Fruit in Flowers 1

Fruit Bouquets 2