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Wedding Wednesday: Boho Beautiful Emerald and Mint Inspiration

Today’s Wedding Wednesday brings together two trending colors: the newly announced emerald by Pantone and mint, which made it’s premiere on the runways of Bridal Market. The two together make a gorgeous palette for any style of fete. I came across this gorgeous boho inspired mint gown and just had to base a board around it. Then, using the gorgeous emerald for the maids and in a natural woodsy setting, we end up with one beautiful bit of inspiration. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Emerald and Mint Inspiration

Wedding Wednesday: Woodland Wedding Inspiration With Deer Details

There’s nothing like a woodland wedding to stir my soul. I’m of the nature loving sort and a mountain girl at heart. In my opinion, there is nothing like the smell of pine mixed with dark soil, the opportunity to witness a bit of wildlife, and the green of the forest floor to ground me and put me at ease. If you are of the same sort, then today’s inspiration board is for you.

Looking to plan a woodland wedding of your own? If so, keep the following in mind.

  • Mother Nature has provided us with a glorious backdrop. So, keep additional decor to a minimum in order to maximize your surroundings.
  • Decor should enhance and blend in with the scenery, not compete with it.
  • Consider a dress without a train for your bridal ensemble.  Even a short train will collect a good deal of dirt. A sheath silhouette is a perfect complement to your woodsy nuptials.
  • In your floral/decor design, use natural elements such as local wildflowers, toadstools and mushrooms, and fauna to provide your guests with a total environmental experience.
  • For favors: jams made with local native fruits, locally produced honey, mini terrariums, or even a whimsical trinket such as a little gnome.

I hope you enjoy the board and have a wonderful day!

Woodland Deer Wedding

Theme Thursday: Fairy Woodland Magic!

There is no denying that Woodland themes are very “in” right now and the variations of the theme are full of magical possibilities. Today’s Theme Thursday is ripe with pixie dust and woodland charm. Imagine your little fairy princess or prince stepping in to their own little woodland grove to celebrate their special day! Key elements: cute little woodland animals, glitter, trees, acorns, toadstools, and fairy doors adorning a garden or forest setting.

Here’s a bit of fairy woodland inspiration to help you along your way in making the magic of nature come alive for your little one.

Fairy Woodland Party

Wedding Wednesday: Wedded Woodland

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is all about the love of nature and specifically the lush wooded forests that have provided us with legends of gnomes, fairies and other nature spirits. It’s the way light filters through the canopy both shading and illuminating nature’s wonder. Today I have a lovely inspiration board for you that shows how you can capture the magic of nature on your special day. Don’t live near woodland areas? The venue shown is actually a Marriott hotel, not a clearing in the forest. I hope you enjoy the inspiration board as well as the Etsy treasury to help you in your find of woodland treasures.

Bouquet: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/EpkR4NknOpoJ9knBO1P-4w#
Mushroom Favors: http://emmalinebride.com/woodland-wedding/eco-friendly-wedding-favors-mushrooms/

Woodland Wedding

‘Wedded Woodlands’ by ravengrrl

Bobby Pins Autumn Woodland W…


Autumn Wedding Votive Candl…


Owl Wedding cake topper cera…


Woodland Statement Necklace …


Elegant Earthly Wedding Favo…




Birch wedding card or progra…


Woodland Boutonniere – Weddi…


HEARTSTRINGS – wedding ring …


Frosted Acorn Necklace Large…


Woodland wedding cake topper…


Edible Wild Sugar Mushrooms …


Made to Order…Woodland Mos…


Puzzle Wedding Guest Book OA…


Twig Place Cards Handmade fr…


Mysterious Moss and Lichen c…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.