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Monday’s Finding: Simple And Sweet Marriage Proposal Ideas

We’ve all watched those shows where over the top proposals are highlighted: a quick jet to Venice where Andrea Bocelli is waiting to serenade you in a gondola filled to the brim with roses as fireworks explode overhead. I’ll let the proposers in on a little secret, the average person isn’t looking for that sort of proposal. What is important is that the proposal is heartfelt and the one you love most is looking in to your eyes as they say they want to be with you forever.

When Mr. Wondermous (I know, I haven’t brought him up in a while) proposed, it was sweet and came from his amazing heart. It turned a very dark day in to something I will cherish forever. We had flown out to CA with my son so that we could spend our last moments with my mother who after bouts with three different types of cancer in two years and what appeared to be successful chemotherapy, had a stroke due to the chemotherapy weakening her heart. She had spent nearly a month in a regular hospital and I talked with her nearly every day. You could hear the degeneration of her thought processes as well as the pain in her voice. By the time the decision was made to do hospice care, she was experiencing profound confusion and significant memory loss. When my dad told me that my mom was slipping away from us, my then boyfriend looked at me and said, “Book the flight, rent the car, we’re going tomorrow.” He gave up his tax return and what he was going to do with it up. It was the single most unselfish and romantic act I’d ever experienced.

As we made our way from CO to CA with my six-year-old kiddo, Mr. Wondermous took care of everything. He kept kiddo entertained, he held my hand and wiped my tears as we flew in to a day I had hoped wouldn’t have come for many years. My mother was more than just a mom, a mommy, etc. Mom and I were two peas in a pod. We were confidantes and best friends. We talked to each other nearly every day and for hours. She and my dad were my rocks and foundation, but one part of that foundation was crumbling and I was so unsteady. My boyfriend was there bolstering me and holding me up. Did I mention that this was the first time he was meeting my family?

The most amazing site was seeing my mom’s eyes light up when she knew who we were. We were gifted with long moments of clarity with which to let her know that we were there by her side. She and Mr. Wondermous had an immediate connection. One myself and my family noticed immediately. She wanted Mr. Wondermous right there with her. At one point when I wasn’t around, he asked for her permission to marry me and she gave her approval. He asked my dad, my sister, and my son before he asked me. I will always remember the smell of the orange blossoms as he asked me in front of my parent’s house. For me, it was perfect.

I didn’t need moonlight serenades, bling, and pyrotechnics to know that Mr. Wondermous loved me unconditionally and so deeply that he’d sign on to forever with me. Why he would put himself through that is beyond me…lol. So, if you are considering proposing to the one you love, make that proposal about the two of you. Don’t try to outdo some crazy TV hyped proposal. Demonstrate your love as only you can and in a way that both of you will find memorable and sweet.

For today’s Monday’s Finding, I present to you some simple and sweet ways to propose to your love:

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