Stunner Thursday: Short Hair Bridal Styling

Today’s Stunner Thursday is focused on short hair wedding looks. So many bridal hair style features center in on long haired brides with elaborate updos, leaving short haired brides to hunt high and low for complementary styles and accessories and even prompting some to spend the time of their engagement to the day of the wedding growing out their short locks. Well, in my opinion, short haired brides shouldn’t feel shortchanged when it comes to their wedding looks. Here are a few short hair bridal looks that I hope leave my short haired readers with the confidence to create a wedding day style all their own without extensions or the “fun” of months of growing out their dos.

Short Bridal Style

Hair accessory

Hair accessory

Hair accessory

Hair accessory

Short Hair Bride 2

2 responses to “Stunner Thursday: Short Hair Bridal Styling

  1. Good Ideas about hairstyle. I like all of them very much

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