Daily Archives: October 22, 2012

Monday’s Finding: Wheat Wedding Details

Before I delve in to today’s post, I want to honor a man who I greatly admire and have been inspired by in my personal life: Russell Means. He passed this morning after a battle with throat cancer on his ranch in South Dakota with his family by his side. He is walking with the Great Spirit and his ancestors now. Such a great man and an inspiration. May the work he did here on earth blossom and lead to the restoration and preservation of indigenous culture.

Today’s finding is all about the beauty and symbolism of wheat as wedding details and decor. What I love about wheat is that it has a long tradition of celebrating the Fall season without being too kitschy and theme oriented as well as being symbolic of the fruition of love and prosperity. It was even tucked in to a bride’s veil to ensure the couple’s ability to have children and to thrive financially. It’s golden hue and rough texture is perfect for a vintage or rustic wedding, particularly for a barn, ranch, or field wedding venue. Here are some beautiful examples of wheat wedding details perfect for your Fall wedding:

Wheat Wedding

Wheat Wedding 2