Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Fairy Tale Cinderella Inspiration

Before the 1950 animated tale by Walt Disney, “Cinderella” was a common folktale who’s theme permeated many cultures. Giambattista Basile wrote the modern basis of the story that features a wicked step mother and step sisters, magical transformations, a missing slipper, and a hunt by a prince for the owner of the slipper. It was published after his death in 1634. Then, in 1697, Charles Perrault added the bit about the pumpkin, the fairy-godmother, and the introduction of the glass slipper. The story has undergone many revisions, translations, and interpretations, but what rings true in all of them is pure romance.

So, for today’s Wedding Wednesday, I wanted to touch on that romance and go back in time to when “Cinderella” was more of folk tale than an animated fantasy. The color palette is all Disney, but the visual is pure romantic opulence. With a gorgeous blue bridal gown from St. Pucci and Christian Louboutin’s amazing homage to the glass slipper, you might just consider adding a bit of “Cinderella” romance to your own wedding.