Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Monday’s Finding: Perfect Pumpkin Details

Hello Fall! It’s a gorgeous Fall day here in Denver with a high of 73. Such a nice break from the near hell temperatures that we had over the Summer.

Today’s finding is all about that cornerstone of Fall wedding decor, the pumpkin. There are so many great ways to incorporate pumpkins in to every Fall design style be it rustic or glam. Carve your monogram in to a pumpkin for a great escort table arrangement or cover pumpkins in lace for a vintage feel. Today I have lots of possibilities for incorporating pumpkins in to your Fall fete.

My personal fave? The amazing green cut out patterned pumpkins. Not only is the color out of the ordinary, but such amazing cut work that gives the pumpkins a lacy feeling.

Pumpkin Details 1

Pumpkin Details 2

Pumpkin Details 3