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Theme Thursday: Brains! Braaainnns!

Well, you certainly can’t deny that Zombies are back in a big way. In 1968, George Romero graced us with his fantabulous zombie classic, “Night of the Living Dead.” The horror genre of film was still pretty tame at that point. Romero’s grisly scenes either frighten you out of your wits or delight you with their absurdity. It is to those that revel in Romero’s redefining of what a zombie is: decrepit, cannibalistic, reanimated undead versions of those we know and love that I dedicate this inspiration board to…mostly, my own friends. We love us a zombie crawl!

If you are like this horror geek who loves to get their zombie kitsch on, then this is a wedding theme for you! You won’t find much influence of “Walking Dead” here, but I do appreciate the show. This is for those of us who kick our zombie old school!

Source: someecards.com

Theme Thursday: Zombie Wedding

I can’t do a zombie theme and leave out one of the coolest engagement shoots ever that has become an internet sensation: http://www.amandarynda.com/2011/08/zombie-engagement-photos/

So, what do you think of all of this zombie madness? Drop me a comment and have a great day!