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Theme Thursday: For the love of berries

Today’s Theme Thursday is inspired by my dear friend, Mary. We met in college living on the same wing in the dorms and have been good friends these 18 years (our age is showing…lol). We had a blast in our younger years and since then, Mary has become a food revolutionary. Please indulge me as I give you a little background and a little bit on why Mary inspired this post and myself.

Mary co-owns Miracle Mountain Farm in Cookeville, TN. Her produce is “grown using only natural organic methods and only purchase seeds and other growing products from companies that are committed to sustainable and non-genetically modified agriculture. As members of this community, we believe very strongly in supporting local business and creating an environment on our farm and in our market that fosters the fulfillment of the potential we see all around us. As farmers, we are compelled to work toward food security within our region by empowering others to become more independent through stewardship.” -http://www.facebook.com/grownlocal76/info

In addition, Mary keeps all of us up to date on current events facing the agriculture industry such as the corporate exploitation of our American food supply. She doesn’t just own a farm, she lives to help her local community and our country take back control of what we put in to our bodies through direct action: Petitions, calls to government, disseminating information to the public. I for one have learned so much through her action that my family has changed the way we eat. In the main, we purchase food goods that are all natural and preferably organic from companies with sustainable practices and that do not use GMOs. The more we all support efforts like Mary’s Miracle Mountain Farms, we will see a food revolution in our country that is well overdue.

What in the world does this have to do with weddings? Well, we all know that Eco-conscious and sustainable living is on the rise and is thankfully fast becoming the norm. This has created a mini-revolution in the wedding industry. Designers are using organic and sustainable fabrics in their creations more than ever. Caterers that provide natural, organic, and local food are seeing a boom in their business. Florists and Floral Designers are also going organic and sustainable as well. If you believe as I do, ones convictions are not dismissed, even for a wedding.

So, here is my ode to Mary as I hear there are berries up at Miracle Mountain Farms. Thanks for indulging me and take care all!

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