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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Fresh Picked Bouquets

Once upon a time, when I worked at a family friend’s floral shop, just about any floral piece be it a bouquet or a centerpiece had a standard diagram with which to follow. The result, stiff looking bouquets that often defied the flowers natural beauty and stature. Typically, we shoved the flowers in to floral foam and white plastic forms with little handles and added bouquet collars. Anybody else remember these?

Today’s bouquets are a bit more free form and many brides aren’t going with flowers at all, but instead are using fabric, heavy gauge wire, paper, brooches, etc. as couples are setting the trend toward a more individualized wedding that speaks to the heart of the couple instead of what is presented to the couple by the industry.

For those who favor fresh flowers, my favorite floral trend of the moment is one that preserves the structure and look of each flower as it appears once freshly picked. Gone are the plastic floral foam bits and bouquet collars. Here to stay: keeping it natural and garden fresh. Here are some of my faves:

Fresh Picked Bouquets

Wedding Blossoms: Freshly Picked