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Gorgeous Ceremony Backdrops: Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday all! I’m spending mine consolidating my inspiration pics and getting the look of mine and Mr. Wondermous’ wedding down. You would think it would be easy for a former planner and designer to narrow down choices and make some solid decisions…haha…no. I think it may be my Libran indecision coupled with the fact that I have created and have seen so many different ways of incorporating our theme (Jane Austen inspired) that my mind just sort of goes…duh. It’s much easier for me to be decisive for clients than it is for myself. Thankfully, Mr. Wondermous is involved in the planning and isn’t afraid to speak up when I act like a Magpie (Oooh shiny! Let’s do that!)

For today’s Wedding Wednesday, I have a variety of gorgeous ceremony backdrops that I hope will lend a spark of inspiration for your own wedding. If you’ve settled on a theme and/or color scheme, these might help you execute what I refer to as “the framework.” I like to think of a ceremony backdrop as one big picture frame with you and your love in the center of it all. When making your decision about ceremony decor, take a step back and look at your backdrop with you in it and a nice frame around the edges. Does it look like something you’d want on your living room wall or on your fireplace mantel? If so, go for it. If your eye can’t fix on it and it distracts from or competes with you as a couple, you might want to reconsider.

I hope you enjoy these bits of inspiration. Drop me a comment and tell me about what you are planning for your ceremony. Take care!

Ceremony Backdrops 1

Ceremony Backdrops 2

Ceremony Backdrops 3