Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

Seeking Real Wedding Submissions

Are you an up and coming wedding photographer, wedding designer, or planner looking to have your work published? Belle Memorie is currently seeking direct real wedding submissions to our Real Deal section. Belle Memorie’s aesthetic and readership is all about vintage, DIY, handmade, rustic, alternative, and uniquely authentic weddings. Submissions should be sent to bellememorieco@gmail.com. Please submit no more than 15 photos that illustrate the overall look and feel of the wedding in a non-high resolution format (high res photos will be requested upon approval). Don’t forget to include photos of decorative details. I look forward to your submissions!


Theme Thursday: Snow White and the Huntsman inspiriation

I cannot wait to see “Snow White and the Huntsman!” The visuals and the badassery of Snow White are right up my alley. Oh, how I wish I would have had fairy tales such as this when I was a kiddo.

Today’s Theme Thursday is inspired by Ravenna, the evil witch and is balanced by the beauty of the dark forest. It’s dark, but not too dark as to cross over in to goth territory. The iridescent feathers of the rave are the inspiration for the color palette. I hope you enjoy!