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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Tip: Kiddos and Weddings

Kids and weddings…it’s one of those issues that can be divisive and lead to major argument and hurt feelings. In my opinion as a mother and a former wedding pro, a couple has a right to ask that there be no children at their wedding. It’s their day and I see nothing wrong with a couple wanting a kiddo free environment. If that is your wish, you should be prepared for some hurt feelings and even some guests not being able to come as they may not be able to afford a sitter for that length of time. However, there are some options that can ensure guests and their kids have a great time, still feel included, and hopefully alleviate any potential drama on the subject. Either way, your guests should hopefully understand that this is ultimately your wedding and not to be hurt by your decision to include or exclude children from the event.

Wedding and event sitters such as Wedding and Event Sitters by Charity or L.A. Wedding Sitter allow parents and couples the peace of mind that the kids will be well taken care of. This option gives you the best of both worlds: child free environment for the wedding and reception and ensures that your guests won’t have to miss a thing while their kiddos play just a room away. Most wedding sitting services provide entertainment, crafts, goodie bags, nap area etc. for the kids and provide a great solution for your guest’s need for a safe and reliable sitter so that they too can enjoy the festivities. In addition, many can be hired for just the ceremony, allowing the kids to join in on the party.

If you are one that want to include kids and accept the spontaneity they can bring to such occasions, then here’s a little idea I’ve used. At one of my recent weddings as a planner, the kids were an integral part of the wedding and they surprised all of us with their excellent behavior. More times than not, kids understand what’s expected of them throughout the wedding and reception as long as you tell them. There were nine flower girls and two ring bearers and each one of them set an example for the rest of the kiddos. For the reception, an activity table was set up and filled with a craft that illustrated the theme of the wedding, glow sticks, and a few little toys to keep them busy. It was a definite hit!

Whether you decide on a sitter for your entire event, special kids table, activity table, or any combination thereof, here are some great table and activity ideas:

Kids and Weddings