Theme Thursday” Burlesque Lingerie Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower when a couple has an established home can always be a little tricky. Most couples are living together prior to marriage and already have much of the typical household items. So, what to do for the bride that has it all? Spoil them with a lingerie shower!

Lingerie showers were really popular in the 80s. I distinctly remember being woken up one morning and kidnapped along with my sisters and friends for a “come as you are” lingerie shower for my sister and one of our friends who were getting married a month apart for one another. Once we realized what was up, it was a lot of fun, full of giggles, and the brides were able to fill their drawers with gorgeous lingerie sure to make for happy grooms.

There are a variety of themes that could be used for a sure to be a fun time lingerie party: pajama party, high tea, pin up, etc. My personal favorite is a burlesque theme. What separates burlesque from the rest? Lavish drop dead gorgeous frilly bits ripe with lace, bead, feather, etc. and a major dose of glamour. If you are charged with planning a bridal shower for the bride that already has everything, here is a bit of inspiration to start you on your way.

Invite: Woodlark Designs on Etsy:

Burlesque theme

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