Daily Archives: March 15, 2012

Theme Thursday: Starry Night in Black and Gold

Good morning all! I have awoken to a classic gorgeous day here in Denver: sunny in the low 70s and visibility clear all the way to Pike’s Peak. It still amazes me that I can see the peak so clearly even though it’s 100 miles away. Nothing like crystal clear skies and unobstructed views!

For today’s Theme Thursday, the inspiration began with the gorgeous gold Zuhair Murad gown seen below. He is one of my favorite couture designers with such an amazing sense of luxury and attention to detail that I have yet to be disappointed in any of his opulent creations. This dress immediately says, “celestial,” to me that I wanted to do a different take on a celestial themed wedding. Instead of the tried and true gold and cobalt blue, I went with black and gold to mimic the night sky as well as lend a greater sense of richness and uniqueness to the theme.

With your chosen wedding theme and even with a themed wedding, it’s good to go outside the box of convention. Just by tweaking the color palette of a popular theme, you can create a sense of uniqueness and personalization that keeps your fete from being a cookie cutter interpretation of a more common theme.

I hope you enjoy this bit of inspiration and would love to hear from you regarding your own wedding themes. You never know, I just might base a post around it!

Starry Night in Black and Gold