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Friday’s Favorites: Men’s Style Wedding Rings

Welcome to final day of Masculine Gender week! All this week I had posts that were related to the masculine gender whether you consider yourself a “groom” or a “bride” and I hope that they were useful for you.

I’ll be using the words “groom” and “groomsman” to refer to those who identify with the masculine gender for convenience’s sake. Please know that I will be featuring ALL types of grooms no matter their sexual orientation and identity. If you are a reader of this blog, you will know that I believe that anyone who loves and wishes to make a formal commitment of that love are celebrated here.

Masculine wedding jewelry is following a similar trend in the overall wedding industry: doing things YOUR way. Personal style is what makes a wedding more than just a party, it makes it an experience for you and your guests. I am a planner all about a couple expressing their love in the way they see fit, whether a traditional fete at the Four Seasons or a backyard DIY affair. So, why not bring that same attitude to a ring you will hopefully we wearing for the rest of your life? Grooms now have a pethora of choices when it comes to their wedding bands (don’t even get me started on the whole one-ring ceremony thing a la Prince William). Here are some of what’s available to you guys. Don’t settle for convention if you don’t want to. It’s YOUR day too.

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Sustainable Wedding Trends

Today’s “Tips or Trends Tuesday” comes from OneWed’s “Top Sustainable, Eco-Chic Wedding Trends.” Of these trends, my favorite one is the use of conflict free diamonds or completely doing away with diamonds and going for gemstones. The wedding industry is taking notice of the need to take gentle care of our environment as well as becoming aware of human rights violations that take place in countries where diamonds and other gemstones are mined. Consider rings that are conflict free or better yet a vintage ring. Here are some rings from Brilliant Earth, who sell conflict free jewelry of all types:

Top Sustainable, Eco-Chic Wedding Trends

To learn more about conflict free diamonds and stones please visit the following links:
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