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Monday’s Finding: Gorgeous Budget Friendly Candle Decor

Are you on a squeaky tight budget with little to add to your ceremony and reception decor? Well, today I’ve got some budget friendly candle decor inspiration to help you out. Even if budget isn’t an issue and things like allergies or you just aren’t a flower person, these aisle and table ideas are simply gorgeous!

You can have a beautiful wedding and not spend a ton of money. As a wedding and event planner, I’ve worked with a vast range of budgets and with all of them, my first “go to” spot for decor details was the local thrift stores. If you love the looks of clear glass, milk glass, wrought iron, then definitely get thrifting. You can find a great many items like tea cups, vintage jars, and fab bits of rustic wrought iron to hold your candles.

Looking for a bit more bang for your buck? Give those pieces a new life with a fresh coat of paint, glitter, or decoupage:

Or, simply use them as is. Whatever you choose, you can have a beautiful wedding on any budget and candles are guaranteed ambiance for a lot less money than flowers. Speaking of less money…check out your local Catholic supply store for great deals on candles from votives to tall candles in a jar. I used to purchase mine by the case and they were a lot cheaper on the budget than getting them at the grocery store. In addition, this amazing gem of a shop has great candles in bulk and just about everything else for your wedding too: Sav on Crafts.

Well, without further ado…ceremony and reception candle decor inspiration:

Wedding Ceremony Candle Decor

Candles Reception