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Monday’s Finding: Dream Cake Toppers

Have I got a fun post for you today! As you know, Belle Memorie is all about making your wedding do as unique as you and your love are. So, when Dream Cake Toppers approached me with their whimsical personalized cake toppers, I had to share them with you.


Unlike many other personalized cake toppers, Dream Cake Toppers can be personalized with any clothing, any posture, and even props! From cartwheels to riding in your classic car, and yes…even goth (this old goth bride says, “Yay!”), Dream Cake Toppers are in my opinion, the ultimate in custom personalized toppers. The level of personalization is off the charts!

You can get your topper made in one of two ways: custom heads with a pre-made body or a Dream Cake Toppers’ bespoke design where the sky is the limit. In addition, your Dream Cake Topper can be made with a bobble head. Just think, after the wedding, you can mount your topper to your car dashboard for a daily reminder of your special day!

From Dream Cake Toppers FAQ:
What are they made of?
Our cake toppers are made of a combination of materials that is unique in the market. The head is made of poly clay, giving it a chunky look, and a silky heavy feel. Polyclay has the extra advantage of mixing with color, so our heads and their hair is NOT painted, which inevitably looks cheap. The body in contrast is made of resin, allowing us to embed plenty of detail into it, and which makes it more durable. We do not paint the eyes, but have them specially manufactured in different colors for a very expressive look.

Can I make guitars, cars, sports accessories, pets, backgrounds, etc?
We can make a huge variety of props and accessories to bring your cake topper to life. Vehicles, sports accessories, weapons, pets, buildings and other sets can be made. Accessories have each to be sculpted and molded separately. Our price calculator can help you assess the price of the cake topper with or without them. We can sculpt almost any item as long as you can provide us a photo of it.

Can the heads bobble, can they be small?
The heads of your cake toppers can be of the bobblehead kind, which bounce around or be fixed in their place. You also have the choice to make the heads in a size that is not so cartoonishly big, but in proportion to the body. These smaller heads are possible, but they are not our standard product, they cannot bobble and resemblance may be lower given their size. However we offer them for couples who want a more elegant topper and find the oversized heads too much!

What do I need to order a pre-made topper?
All you need is the best photos you can get of the faces of the bride and groom. You also need to know their color of eyes.

What do I need to order a fully custom made cake topper?
You need good face photos and also photos showing the clothing and posture for each of the cake topper figurines, and photos of any accessories or vehicles that we need to make. Ideally you would decide the size of these accessories, but one of our experts can talk you through the decision to make sure it all fits together. It is very important that you show us with images what you want to make, since written explanations can lead to misinterpretations and mistakes. If you don’t have the images you need, Google Images is always a good source of photos that you can use to give us instructions.

Where can you ship?
We can ship anywhere in the world, as long as it is a destination where a commercial courier like Fedex, DHL or TNT can ship. PO Boxes and addresses such as military bases which are off the limits of an international courier are not possible. We are able to ship directly to your wedding destination if required.

How long does it take?
A pre-made type cake topper will arrive to you in 15 working days and a fully customized one will arrive between 5 and 6 weeks from your day of order. We suggest placing your order with as much anticipation as possible to make sure all goes smoothly during the wedding day.

So, take a peek below at some great examples of what Dream Cake Toppers can do for you. If you are loving them as much as I do, get the proverbial ball rolling by visiting their site and dropping them a line. Take care all and have a great day!

Personalized Toppers (pre-made body with custom heads)

Dream Cake Toppers

Custom Toppers (fully customized bodies, heads, and props)

Dream Cake Toppers 2

*Belle Memorie has not been compensated monetarily or with product for this review and has received permission from Dream Cake Toppers to use their photos for the purposes of this post.

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