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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Non-floral Botanicals

Bridal Guide has released their wedding trend predictions for the coming year and one of my favorites is using non-florals in bouquets and decor typically reserved for the botanical big boys like peonies, roses, orchids, etc. Be it a hand-tied herbal posy or a grip of pine cones dotted with a bit of bling, many couples are choosing to forgo the expense of cut flowers. For some it’s an environmental issue: Have you seen those wedding shows where thousands of couture heirloom flowers are flown in from across the world? For others it’s utilizing the beauty of their surroundings: Think local landscapes such as an outdoor wedding in a desert climate using a variety of succulents and manzanita. Whatever the reason, non-florals are what’s trending and I believe will move beyond trend as more couples are looking to be environmentally conscious as well as seeking to blend in with their local landscape. Enjoy!

Non-floral Botanical Centerpieces

Non-floral Ceremony Decor

Non-floral botanical bouquets