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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Two Dozen Tall Layer Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have come a long way since I began my career way back in 1997. They have undergone a transformation from accessory to intricate works of art. Back in the late 90s and early 00s, sugar flowers exploded on the scene with amazing creations from Sylvia Weinstock to my personal fave, Ron Ben-Israel.

Since then, the cake industry has gone from the typical grocery store cake to a medium for visual artists and couples looking for bespoke designs that serve as a centerpiece for their reception and a showcase for their theme. The latest trend? Tall cake layers, especially mixed with their typically shorter counterparts.

Here are two dozen gorgeous tall layer confections to inspire your own cake design.

Tall Layers

oh goodie designs

WedLuxe Magazine


Guest Post Cakelava from Hawaii

Guest Post Cakelava from Hawaii

Tall Layers 2

Tall Layers 3