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What is Your Bridal Style?

Having trouble narrowing down what type of wedding you want? Need some insight with regard to your wedding theme? Well, Get Married.com has a really great tool to help you: The “What is Your Bridal Style?” quiz. Pop on over to http://www.getmarried.com/discover-your-style/ and find out what your bridal style is. In addition, Get Married has a weekly show on WeTV every Saturday morning at 9:30am ET/PT and a free wedding magazine just for signing up on their main page: http://www.getmarried.com. What is my bridal style?

36% Fergie
Bold and modern and one of a kind.

You are an edgy and free spirited bride. You love being creative, different and unpredictable. You have your own style and you want your distinct personality to shine through everything you do. The reception and ceremony will be bold and dynamic and the perfect setting for you to make a statement. Your wedding gown will be anything but ordinary- perhaps, a short white gown paired with fabulous colored heels that screams attention but not bride. Your funky style will shine through in your decor. Your guests will flip over the black and white print, especially the motif inspired wedding cake. Your wedding is all about the location and it must stand out from other weddings. Whether you say “I Do” on top of a mountain, in the desert, or even at your local art gallery, your wedding will be uniquely yours.

22% Julia
Your simplicity defines you and your wedding.

Calm, cool and casual we never see you sweat the small stuff. You know your wedding will go off without a hitch because, in your mind, it’s really all about you and your husband. Your wedding will be a fabulous celebration complete with beautiful floral combinations and sweet details like lovebird centerpieces and photo box favors. You and your guests will have fun dancing to the Dj and posing in a customized photobooth. Your wedding gown will be simple yet chic and no doubt your shoes will be comfortable! At the end of the night a stretch limo will whisk you & your husband away, completing your magical day!

22% Khloe
Trendy and full of sass.

You are a fashion forward and sassy bride. You crave the latest designer duds and are always up-to-date on the hottest trends and styles. Your wedding will be the hit of the year with the hottest decor and dancing that lasts into the wee hours of the night. You would look ultra-chic in a classic gown with a colorful sash. We envision your wedding to be filled with bright flowers and customized lighting. Your guests will dine on miniature versions of your favorite comfort foods paired with a signature drink, perhaps a pink pomegranate martini. To complete your sassy wedding you and your groom will give each guest a lottery ticket wishing them all luck in love.

15% Charlotte
Your traditional taste stands the test of time.

You are a classic and traditional bride. You love traditions because you believe that trends are here today and gone tomorrow. Your wedding will be timeless and elegant with a sentimental ceremony and sophisticated reception- after all you have been planning your wedding since you were a little girl. Your white wedding gown is graceful and you complete the look with a simple blusher veil. Your wedding is filled with all of your family, friends and loved ones because it’s important that everyone you and your fiancè love share in this special day. The wedding is all white and the reception carries the theme with some hints of color added into the mix. Your guests will dine on an elegant meal and then let loose when the dancing begins. Your guests will be delighted when they see your wedding cake, napkins and menu are adorned with your new monogram.

8% Scarlett
Vintage and creative, your mix of old and new makes something uniquely you.

You are old Hollywood glam with a touch of romance. You have an eye for style and this will no doubt come through in your wedding decor. We envision your venue filled with items from antique shows and markets. We see candelabras and rose petals spread throughout your reception. Your ideal wedding dress is a long, cream lace gown with hints of beading and detail throughout, either found at a vintage store or redesigned from a family member’s gown. Red lipstick and shoes to match! Your guests will sip on martinis and champagne, dancing the night away. As the music dies down, your guests will send you off into the night with sparklers creating a fantastic photo op and a memorable moment.