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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Rose Gold Wedding Jewelry and More

With the ever increasing sense of individuality in the wedding industry, comes a variety of trends that are often started not by designers, but by brides seeking to do away with tradition and forge their own path when it comes to their bridal ensembles. One of the fastest growing trends in bridal jewelry is rose gold.

According to “The Wedding Report’s” Wedding and Engagement Ring study, more than 75 percent of engagement rings are made of white or yellow gold. As couples seek to personalize their wedding looks and purchase jewelry that they will have forever, rose gold provides them with an alternative to the every day white and yellow gold as well as platinum jewelry.

What is rose gold? Rose gold is a type of gold based alloy combined with copper to achieve it’s rosy hue. A typical gold to copper ratio is 75% gold to 25% copper. It is considered to be the hottest trend in bridal and wedding jewelry according to the American Jewelry Design Council.

If you are considering rose gold, you aren’t limited to just your jewelry. It’s also a trending color in bridal gowns and accessories. Today I have a few collections of how rose gold can be infused in to your total wedding look. From bridesmaid dresses to your clutch, rose gold is not only trending, but gorgeous as well.

Rose Gold 1

Rose Gold 3

Rose Gold 2


Glitter dress

Nanette lepore

Diavolina high heels
$145 – styletread.com.au

Chloé leather clutch

Coast clutch purse
$88 – johnlewis.com

Nine West makeup bags and case
$31 – styletread.com.au

Solid border

Rose Gold 4


Vera Wang dress