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Wedding Wednesday: Denim and Khaki Inspiration

Before I begin with introducing today’s inspiration board, I must ask for your thoughts and prayers for my beautiful Colorado. We are burning and the fires are like nothing ever seen before.

The High Park Fire (highly publicized last week) continues to burn and is 65% contained. The Waldo Canyon fire is also of epic proportions and doubled in size last night with 32,000 people evacuated thus far. It is threatening populated areas of Colorado Springs and has destroyed many homes. I know that there are many fires elsewhere and ask that you continue to pray for those as well. Thank you to all of those who are fighting theses fires (some in CO are fighting fires while they have already lost their own homes) and I wish for your safety and that Mother Nature would lend a helping hand. Thanks all!

For today’s Wedding Wednesday, I have an inspiration board for a casual rustic wedding with the bride wearing a gorgeous ruffled skirt paired with a cute button down denim jacket. It was this photo that inspired the board and I found some great denim accents to tie the theme all together. When using denim, I recommend a light hand in it’s application and pairing it with slightly more formal touches to bring balance to denim’s casual nature. I’ve been a long time fan of using raw cotton as part of rustic florals and the little puffs of cotton here bring a bit of whimsy to the whole affair. I hope you enjoy the board and if you are leaning towards a rustic country wedding, consider the possibilities that a touch of denim can lend to your fete.

Denim Wedding

Mesh dress
$223 – shoplesnouvelles.com


Modern Barn Wedding

Nutfield Weaver