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Wedding Wednesday: Red and Blush Garden Inspiration

Happy Wedding Wednesday! What have you done for your wedding today? Me, I’m working on flowers made from the pages of “Pride and Prejudice” and watercolor painting them in a gradient blue from navy to sky. I’m really happy with how they are turning out. I’m one of those “don’t reveal too much” kind of brides, so you’ll have to wait until after June 8th to see them. 🙂

Today, I have some red and blush inspiration based on one swoon worthy gown by Jillian from their 2013 Sterlizia Collection. Gowns with print are fast becoming a trend and I have a feeling that we will see more of them at Spring Bridal Market. I love that so many designers are embracing what many brides want: a gown beyond the typical and this gown is anything but ordinary!

Take a peek and let me know if you have any requests for next Wedding Wednesday.

Red and Blush Garden