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A Finely Aged Vintage

As my parents approach their 47th wedding anniversary, I can’t help but put my brain into party planning mode. While my parents don’t drink, I definitely can see how their loved has aged like a 1963 Port such as a Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage Port. You see 1963 was not a good year for most wines, but Port had a very good year and it certainly is a special sort of wine. Port is sweet and best served with desserts like sumptuous berries, velvety chocolate, or silken caramel. My parents are like this amazing wine: while things around them at that time were not so much, they were on top of the world and celebrated their love by getting married. After 47 years, that love is as sweet and strong as ever. So wine lovers in love, here is a set to inspire you.

Invitations By Dawn


Palmer Event