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Theme Thursday: Doing it BIG! Week: Gaga New Years Masquerade

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, so here is a bit of Lady Gaga influenced inspiration for a posh New Year’s Eve Party. Enjoy!

Gaga new years

Lady Gaga: Black and White Party

This is a set inspired by Lady Gaga in a black and white theme. This theme would be great for a Sweet 16 type party or any sort of party for Gaga fans. Of course you can’t do a Lady Gaga set without using a bit of Alexander McQueen (RIP).

PPQ Yasmin Stripe Dress
298 GBP – mysugarland.co.uk
Silk dress »

A.McQueen Cocktail Ring
$395 – cultstatus.com.au
Skull ring »

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