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Tip or Trend Tuesday: Handy dandy masculine wear tips and trends

Today I thought I’d help out my masculine readers with some great infographics from AK FEDEAU and The Art of Manliness to assist you with your wedding day ensemble. Whether you are looking to wear a 3-piece or two-button suit, or a formal tuxedo, get to know your menswear before you go shopping. This will make for a quick and easy shopping experience for you and your attendants. Don’t know how to tie a bow tie or a traditional necktie? Check out the visuals below and nail it on your wedding day. Finally, the basics on polishing your shoes. Make those bad boys shine to complete your wedding day look.

The rumor around menswear is that double-breasted jackets are back, courtesy of movies like The Great Gatsby and shows like Downton Abbey. The other trend I want to share with you comes from the pages of a great many wedding blogs and photographers…super fun socks for the groom and attendants. So, here’s some great guides and how-tos for you along with some wedding day ensemble inspiration.

All about menswear from AK FEDEAU THE BLOG:










How to tie a bow tie from The Art of Manliness


How to tie a Four-in-Hand Necktie, from The Art of Manliness


The art of shining shoes, from The Art of Manliness


Menswear Trends- Double Breasted- Wedding

Fun Men's Socks