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Monday’s Finding: Cakes, glamorous cakes!

Before we dive in to Monday’s Finding, I want to talk to you about how proud I am of my friends and community today. Last night was the candlelight vigil for the victims and their loved ones of the Aurora shooting. With talk of nefarious group/s planning to attend and disrupt the vigil, a few of my friends jumped in and created an event to counteract any negativity mourners might encounter. Through the power of Facebook, in less than two days, approximately 10,000 people attended and formed a human wall, linking arms to protect victims and their families from these nefarious hate mongers.

I couldn’t be prouder of my community and my state in how this tragedy has brought us all together and the outpouring of heroism and love that has been shown. I continue to pray for the victims and their families and I hope you will too.

On with today’s Monday’s Finding: gorgeous cake inspiration for your glam fete. Are you planning a glam themed wedding? Cake bling, feathers, metallics, ruffles, and out of the box shapes are great glamtastic decor for a cake that will likely be the centerpiece for your reception. Here are some great glamorous cakes I found via Pinterest:

Glam Wedding Cakes1

Glam Wedding Cakes 2

Glam Wedding Cakes #3

Take care all and have a wonderful day!