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Theme Thursday: Cinderella Wedding Inspiration and Oops!

First, the OOPS! I completely and totally forgot to post today. Well, technically it’s still today. My apologies…just got caught up in watching movies with my kiddo. Anyhoo, on with the post.

Back in my planning days I loved creating theme events and it’s something I’m known for in the local wedding and event community. As such, I am a big believer in making an event (such as a wedding) your own and staying true to yourself and your love in doing so. I love a good traditional ballroom wedding, but my heart is in the unconventional and heartfelt ones that speak to the heart of the couple. There are couples who want the theme to jump out and say a big, “HELLO!” and others that want to express their theme in a more subtle fashion. This board speaks to a love of the Cinderella story of a woman persistent in finding her Prince Charming.

Cinderella inspiration