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Monday’s Finding: Unique DIY Place Cards

So, how was your weekend? Mine, it was okay. My body decided to plot against me, so I rested a bit. Had a good movie night with my kiddo and Mr. Wondermous, even though we watched Transformers 3. I hope one day my kid will appreciate that 2.5 hours of my life I’m never going to get back…lol. I believe Robot Chicken’s summary of Micheal Bay’s movies said it all, “MICHAEL BAY PRESENTS…EXPLOSIONS! EXPLOSIONS FROM MICHAEL BAY! MICHAEL BAYSPLOSIONS! MI-BA-BLA-BA SPLOSIONS! MICHAEL BLA-BLA SPLOOM! MABLA SPLOOM! MICHAEL BAYSPLOSIONS!”

With that said, today’s Monday’s Finding is a collection of unique easy to DIY place cards. In my search, I noticed that there seems to be a mixup regarding escort cards and place cards. Escort cards not only contain the name of the guest, but also tells them what table to sit at. Typically these are located directly outside or inside the reception space. Place cards only have the name of your guest and are set on the table the guest is assigned to in order for them to sit at a specific seat. Place cards are definitely an option for those who want more formalized seating, so why not make them decorative and part of your overall theme. Here are some great DIY place cards I found via Pinterest and Google. Enjoy!

DIY Place Cards 1

DIY place cards 2

Solid border