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Theme Thursday: Dickens Ball

This set comes via a request from my boyfriend: Dickens Ball. The color palette is purposeful: Charles Dickens popularized the use of blue ink when he found out that it dried much quicker than black ink. In looking at similar themed balls on the Internet, I couldn’t help but notice most of them took place around the winter holidays and that prompted me to do something a bit different: a spring interpretation using blue and gold. Inkwells, leather bound antique books, and Victorian writing paraphernalia form the centerpieces (the floral one you see here was designed by me) which are laid on gold velvet table runners over blue damask, and pomanders (aka kissing balls) would hang from the ceiling.

Recollections: Victorian Ball Gown
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Antiquing Bird Style

Parties by Kristen: Inwell Centerpiece


Palimpsest: November 2009

Parties by Kristen: Inwell Centerpiece

A Victorian Ball