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Tip or Trend Tuesday: Trend: Wedding deets to satisfy your geekery!

I have a confession to make…I’m a total geek. I know some of you know I’m a Jane Austen geek, but my geekery runs much deeper than that. I’m a raging Whovian (Doctor Who), a Ringer (Lord of the Rings) a newish Trekkie (a fan of the more recent franchises), and a vampire and zombie nut. So, it goes without saying that the geek wedding trend is right up my alley. Mr. Wondermous and me have some fun geektastic details for our own wedding and I thought I’d celebrate this trend of self-expression by throwing some fun geeky wedding details your way. Let your geek flag fly!

Geek Wedding Food

Geek Wedding Cakes

Geek Cake Toppers

Geek Wedding Details

Geek Wedding Party Gifts- Bridesmaids and Groomsmen