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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Color Blocking

Many of us know how color blocking in fashion can make a very bold statement by putting two or more colors next to one another. Fashion has been embracing color blocking once again and the technique is making its way in to the wedding world.

Long gone are the days when, “what are your colors” almost always included white and one other color. Couples now are looking to make statements with their decor providing their guest with more than a ceremony followed by a reception. Today’s couples are looking to provide an experience and many times an artistic one. Color blocking is a great way to put some bold color and excitement in to your wedding experience.

Check out these great color blocking palettes and perhaps consider color blocking with your favorite colors for your own wedding.

Color Block Wedidng

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Spring Summer 2012 Colors

After every fall fashion week, the color experts at Pantone release their trending colors for the following Spring and Summer. If you are a couple looking for a color palette for your wedding or for your next event and want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and color theory, I highly recommend reading up on Pantone’s color trend reports for your color scheme. The pic below is Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2012 color trend predictions based on what they saw at Fashion Week. I have picked three of these colors and have provided you with little monochromatic inspiration boards to give your creativity a head start. Each one was searched via Google with the words “Pantone” and the respective color name. So, pick a favorite or two out of these colors and create your own little bits of inspiration.

Pantone Margarita

Pantone Bellflower

Pantone Driftwood