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Monday’s Finding: Modest Wedding Gowns

Happy Monday! Yep, I know…grr.

Today’s Monday’s Finding came about as a search for wedding gowns on Etsy for the Second Annual Etsy Virtual Bridal Show (coming in March/April). I began to notice that modest gowns for Muslim, Mormon, Orthodox Judaism, and for those with a personal preference for more gown coverage were practically non-existent. In my search, I used the strictest modesty guidelines: no see through, elbows covered, no collarbone showing, and full lengths. I hope that some of my finds help you in your search for a gown that not only fits closely held modesty standards, but also inspires the dress of your dreams!

Modest 1

Modest 2

Modest 3

$669 –

Prom dress
$230 –

Wedding dress


Facebook Challenge 7: Desert Oasis

Yet another one from Mary. She has such a creative mind! Either that or she’s torturing me…lol.

The location featured in this set is a real oasis in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Liwa Oasis. The house pictured is that of Sheikh Zayed, president of the UAE from 1971 – 2004.

Wedding pictures – artistic wedding photos:…