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Wedding Wednesday: Moroccan Splendor

The rich culture of Morocco is the focus of this week’s Wedding Wednesday. This North African country boasts a lavish aesthetic with a deep and abiding love of family in to its wedding traditions. Moroccan wedding festivities can last from as little as three days to as many as seven days. A variety of rituals and ceremonies accompany the wedding process and start approximately a year in advance. “…an act of formal marriage commitment is established in the presence of the family members of the couple. The husband is required to give gifts to his bride. Some gifts may be symbolic, such as sugar, which represents a happy life, or milk for purity or basic gifts which could include dates, water, orange flower and henna. They also include the engagement ring and the alliance.” -

In most regions, there is a party typically attended by women only called a “furnishing” party. It takes place approximately five days prior to the wedding. A furnishing party is where household goods are given to the bride (such as bedding, blankets, etc.) and the bride’s new home is decorated.

What I love most about Moroccan weddings is the color. If you are considering a Moroccan influenced fete, color is key. Don’t be shy about your use of bright hues combined with a variety of golden metallics such as bronze, copper, and of course, gold.

Here is a bit of Moroccan splendor to liven up your Wedding Wednesday:

Cake by Rosebud Cakes:

Morroccan Wedding

Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Shilo and Jason

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is from a lovely couple I am acquainted with, Shilo and Jason. Shilo and Jason had a lovely backyard wedding full of traditions based on their faith and a great deal of love (as you can see from the pics). I was privileged to attend their reception and witnessed one of the sweetest first dances I have ever seen: the couple danced to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” Photos are courtesy of Tana Marie Sjoquist and thanks to Tana Marie, Shilo, and Jason for providing us with a glimpse of a wedding focused on the love of a beautiful couple and the love and kinship of their family and friends.




Dream Finds Friday: I Am My Beloved: Ketubahs

I adore Jewish weddings and in my time as an event planner for two Jewish organizations, I have been witness to some amazing Jewish traditions that just touch me. In addition to tzedakah (the act of charity in deed and in coin), my next favorite tradition is the Ketubah. has a great info piece on the origin of the ketubah: “The traditional or historical ketubah is a binding legal document, one which catalogs a husband’s obligations to his wife, and makes provisions for her protection in the event of divorce or her husband’s death. It is a religious analogue to the contemporary pre-nuptial agreement of secular civil law…The earliest extant ketubah dates from circa 440 B.C.E…The ketubah text was first formalized about three hundred years later, in the 1st century B.C.E., by the Sanhedrin (the presiding Judiac legislative body at the time); it’s authorship is attributed in the main to Rabbi Simeon ben Shetach.”

From The New York Public Library's interfaith exhibit; Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In this 18th-century contract, the groom's name, Abraham Jacob, is alluded to by two vignettes featuring his biblical namesakes, the Patriarchs Abraham and Jacob. The scene on the left depicts Abraham and the Binding of Isaac, the climactic and most dramatic episode in the entire Abrahamic story-cycle. Called upon by God to sacrifice his beloved son, Abraham demonstrates his willingness to accede even to this, before God dispatches an angel to stay Abraham’s hand, revealing the entire episode to have been a test of faith. Source:

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to purchasing your ketubah and since I prefer to support individual artisans, I have chosen some very beautiful ketubahs available through Etsy. Click on the thumbnails and you will be taken directly to the respective page of each ketubah that will provide you with multiple views of the ketubah as well as ordering information. I hope you enjoy the examples I have picked and when you are finished here, please follow this link to Pocketful Of Dreams to find out what other dream finds are out there awaiting you this week.

‘I Am My Beloved: Ketubahs’ by ravengrrl

A selection of some of my favorite Ketubahs (Jewish wedding contract) available on Etsy.

Blessings Ketubah with Gold …




Elegant Peacock Ketubah – Je…


Papercut Ketubah – Peonies


Blue Magel ketubah


Custom Ketubah – SEASONS OF …


Photo Chuppah Modern Ketubah…


And My Beloved Is Mine II Ke…


Hamsa Ketubah


Wedding Vows with handpainte…


Modern Hand-painted Ketubah/…


Ketubah Marriage Certificate


Magen David




Cool Ketubah – 101 Read Betw…


Ketubah – White Wedding


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Theme Thursday: Grecian Beauty

Whew! Have you ever tried to find images for something Grecian that doesn’t return a million, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” pics? It’s good times dear readers…good times. However, some times you find amazing things you’ve got to try such as these Baklava lollipops from The Groovy Baker.

Baklava Lollipop from The Groovy Baker

I’ll let you know how they are when mine arrive.

For today’s Theme Thursday, I wanted to challenge myself in developing a theme that was not over the top and a bit subtle in it’s approach. Mr. Wondermous (my fiance) is part Greek and since he brought me fabulous pumpkin goodies last night, I wanted to give a little nod to him to say thanks.

If you are in love with the Grecian look, and are looking for some inspiration, I hope this inspiration board and treasury does the trick. I tried to include laurel and olive leaves without being too obvious and included a subtle blue to mimic the traditional cobalt. Enjoy!


‘Grecian Wedding’ by ravengrrl

Greek inspired items for your Grecian wedding.

Sterling Silver Stefana Code…


White Prom Bridal Wedding An…


Greek Wedding Vase


Artemis – headband, bronze l…


Greek Wedding Cookies with P…


Ring box with Greek theme


Golden Sun Hair Pin. Greek M…


Theodora Letterpress Wedding…


Victorian Cameo Necklace, Go…


Column Wedding Table Number …


Married Couple silver tradit…


Vintage Look Head Piece for …


Grecco Roman Coin Cuff Links


14k gold filled unique scrol…


ART DECO 1920s Greek Key Lin…


Be a Greek Goddess, Bridal A…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Saturday Surprise: Most Expensive Weddings

“On average, US couples spend $24,066 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $18,050 and $30,083. This does not include cost for a honeymoon or engagement ring.” -

Wow, that sort of makes my wedding budget look teeny weeny. Mr. Wondermous and I are looking to come in under $5,000 sans honeymoon (doing a CO mountain overnight or two and save for a trip for our 1st anniversary). Granted, I do have a few advantages considering I am a planner/designer, but when it comes to weddings, you can have a beautiful wedding on any budget. I’ve done events from $2,000 on up to $500,000 and both events were just as memorable for the clients as a million dollar event.

Speaking of million dollar events, I thought I would share a few of the most expensive weddings on record. Let’s start at the bottom with Donald Trump and Melania Knauss’ million dollar fete. Melania’s dress was 20% of the budget and the Grand Mariner cake weight over 200 pounds.

Next, we inch a little bit higher towards the most expensive wedding ever. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ $2 million wedding took place in Italy at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle. An interesting side note: the family of my former supervisor (Vice Chancellor of Advancement) at the University of Denver, owns Odescalchi Castle. No, she did not secure an invitation to the wedding. Anyhoo, the bridesmaids’ attire was designed by Giorgio Armani (as was the bride’s) and Andrea Bocelli sang during the ceremony.

Here we have a mere $5 million wedding: Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea followed the growing “two dresses” trend: one more formal dress for the ceremony and a more casual dress for the party afterward. Chelsea’s dresses and those of her bridesmaids were designed by Vera Wang.

In February 2006, hotelier Vikran Chatwal and model Priya Sachdev married in a $15 million affair that was spread out over 10 events and three Indian Cities: Mumbai to Udaipur and Delhi. “Fifty thousand kilos of flowers were shipped in from Holland, Bangkok, and Calcutta, and 3,000 candles were burned. They went through 65,000 meters of fabric.” -

Finally, I present to you the most expensive wedding on record at $78 million, the wedding of Vanisha Mittal (daughter of billionaire Lakshmi Mittal) and investment banker Amit Bhatia. This wedding took place at Vaux le Vicomte, a 17th-century chateau in France, in 2004.

While us mere mortals may not be able to spend $1 million plus for our weddings, our weddings will be just as beautiful and our memories just as cherished.

Source for list:

Wedding Wednesday: Vintage Week: Mexican Vintage

For this week’s Wedding Wednesday, my inspiration came from this beautiful 1950’s era dress found on The Vintage Wedding Company’s site. To me it evoked childhood memories of growing up in San Diego, experiencing the culture of what was once Mexico. I remember visits to Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala (we locals just called it Mission de Alcala), Old Town, Mexicali, and Tijuana: dancers in brightly colored costumes, intricate papel picado, eating raw peppers (I have been told I have an iron tongue), watching fresh tortillas being made and being taught how to make them, calaveras (skull/skeletons) for Dia de los Muertos, and just the most amazing spirit of joy that was expressed in laughter, bright colors, and family.

In this inspiration board, you will see a vintage dress and vintage decor items. I hope you enjoy!

Vintage Week- Wedding Wednesday

Friday’s Favorites: The Doll City Rocker

Today’s Friday’s Favorites is an Etsy store that sells items influenced by my favorite fall holiday: Dia de los Muertos. Growing up in San Diego, I remember trips to Old Town the day after Halloween and the sites and smells emanating from every shop and restaurant. It’s a day for celebration of our loved ones who have passed on, not a time to mourn them as some may think from the skeletal imagery. Look beyond the skeletons to the colors, the foods, the garb and you will find joy and happiness in the knowledge that our deceased loved ones should be celebrated. Suzi of The Doll City Rocker shop has beautiful designs sure to add the nature of this festive holiday to your event wardrobe or even perhaps your wedding.

“Who is The Doll City Rocker?
Originally, I’m a London Girl! But I’ve lived and moved in many parts of The City and met many interesting people along the way. A rebel at heart, a lover of the alternative and very much an individual!

The Brand:
“The Doll City Rocker” was officially created after many years of sewing for myself and friends. The brand first launched with a range of Burlesque inspired accessories and has gradually grown to include more Rockabilly and 50s inspired designs.” – Etsy profile:

FYI: I have sought permission from this vendor to use her products and her photos. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. These products are the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of the artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both highly unethical and in some cases is a violation of copyright law.