Style Thursday: fibo & clo: A shoe lovin’ review

I was recently contacted by the folks behind fibi & clo sandals to see if I’d like to review their gorgeous creations. Now, many of you know that I’m mobility impaired due to arthritis and fibromyalgia. So, shoes and how they fit and support are pretty key for me. Well, fibi & clo’s sandals are more than just eye candy, they are darn comfortable too.

Before I do my review, a little bit about fibi & clo:
” It was May 2009, and AnaLiza had just returned from visiting family in Texas. While brunching with friends in NYC’s West Village, she was already missing home. Even though living in New York was her dream, she yearned for an idea that would get her home without getting in the way of a career she loved.

As the conversation turned to shopping and fashion, an idea suddenly sparked. What if she developed a line of sandals that she could take to Texas for trunk shows – like Tupperware parties, but with shoes? “I realized what a great time I was having at brunch, and that an atmosphere where you are surrounded by friends and food is not only perfect brunching atmosphere, but also perfect for shopping. It would also bring me home more often,” gushes Alba. Just like that, fibi & clo was born.

AnaLiza was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s in Journalism, and a Master’s Degree in Advertising. She is an Associate Creative Director at ArnoldNY advertising agency. She currently lives in Manhattan with her two cats, fibi and clo.”



This is the “Black Cascade” pair that I was sent and the pics really don’t do them justice. The bling factor is high making them perfect for a wedding day look. The stones are bright, clear, and well set (yep, I picked at them to simulate the sort of beating they might take during a typical 10 hour wedding day). Unlike most sandals, the sole is flexible and moves with you making for a comfortable wear. There are no strap attachments directly under the foot, which in other such sandals can cause great discomfort or even blisters. In addition, the strap behind the ankle keeps the shoe secure to the foot and eliminates that “flip flop” sound that often can accompany similar sandals. Who wants to “flip flop” their way down the aisle?

So, would I purchase a pair of these myself or recommend them to you? Yep, sure would! I am very impressed by the quality of the shoe combined with it’s very affordable price (around $50 and perfect as a thank you for your bridesmaids too). I wore them all day and they supported my foot. I didn’t have to take them off in order to replace the shiny shoes with the not so shiny comfortable shoes, a little ritual I typical have to do with some of my pretty shoes due to my ankle and foot issues. Heck, I was experiencing some edema from my activities the day prior and the sandals were still comfortable. These sandals definitely get two thumbs up.

You can get your own blingtastic pair of fibi & clo sandals at their online shop, from a fibi & clo Sales Representative, or become a Sales Representative yourself. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids!

Please note: I received a pair of fibi & clo’s sandals to review at no cost to me. I have not been compensated for this review.

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