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Style Thursday: Dark Romantic Make Up

Today’s Style Thursday is a continuation on yesterday’s dark romance theme. Be you a gothic bride, are planning a Winter wedding, or just love dark ethereal make up, I’ve got some great looks for you today. This is the sort of make up I wear in my day to day life. I have always found beauty in the shadows and these looks can certainly be interpreted as such.

As you can see with these looks, some follow that strange beauty rule of having only one intense feature. In all honesty, If you want to have a heavy eye and a heavy lip, go for it! If you prefer to follow the rule, that’s okay too. Remember, it’s your face and you are the one who has to be satisfied with your look. Rules were meant to be followed, bent, and in some cases broken. 😉

If your budget allows, start looking for a make up artist to assist you with your wedding day look. If you are on a strict budget, many make up artists will do a consultation and show you how to DIY your make up. For those whose budget is squeaky tight, check out the department store make up counters. Many of them will do your make up for no cost or if you buy a product (your definitely going to want a lipstick).

The only thing I would caution you on is heavy glitter on your face. Sometimes the glitter flakes can show up as skin flaws in your photography. I’m a glitter lover and know how hard it is to restrain one’s love for pixie dust, especially when planning your dream day. So, before you go channeling Tinkerbell, talk to your photographer and see what he or she suggests. Many photogs can work with you to help you develop the best look for you and your photos.

So, take a peek and don’t forget to take a moment to soak all of this wedding planning in. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

Dark Romantic Makeup 1

Dark Romantic Make Up 2