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Stunner Thursday: Lip trends: Nudes and Reds

This past week, E! began revealing their top 40 fashion trends. As with most general fashion trends, brides bring them in to their wedding day looks and today we have two of the top trends that are perfect for your wedding day look: nude and red lips.

For a nude lip, be sure to add a bit of color somewhere else in your look to balance out the color so you don’t look washed out. Nude lips and a smoky eye are a great balance. A nude lip will depend on your skin tone, so don’t just head straight for a creme beige. Take time to find a nude that is truly you.

As for red lips, there are a myriad of reds from orange-red to a blue-red and dark blood red and just as with a nude lip, be sure to pick a red that is complementary to your skin tone. Fair and golden haired? A red with warm orange tones will look best. Rosy cheeked with a reddish hues to your hair? A red with blue tones will flatter your look. If you have more of a yellowish tone to your skin, darker cranberry lips are the way to go. Olive complected brides should stick to a more true red and those with darker pigmented skin look best in brown-based reds.

Here are some looks in both nude and red to inspire your own wedding day look. Enjoy!

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