Monday’s Finding: 10 of my favorite styled shoots and real weddings

Happy Monday! Well, tomorrow is election day in the US and I cannot wait for the ads, the posts, the negativity, etc. to end. Get out there and vote your heart and conscience whatever that may be. Each of us has a variety of state and local decisions to make and whether you feel you are affected or not by the presidential race, your state and local issues will definitely be felt. So, get out there and vote if you haven’t already.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve come across some styled shoots and real weddings that have become some of my favorites. From a gorgeous take on Alice in Wonderland to a dark and awesome DIY Halloween wedding, there is a ton of inspiration in these ten shoots and weddings. I hope you enjoy!

Recycled Bride: Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Photography by Adrienne Gund:

Before the Big Day: Marie Antoinette Hen Party

Photography by Lucy Greenhill Photography:

Green Wedding Shoes: Traveling Musician Wedding Shoot

Photography by Erin of Papered Heart Photography:

Sweet Violet Bride: Garden Styled Shoot

Photography by Megan Robinson Photography:

Le Magnifique: Sunstone Winery Shoot

Photography by: Jose Villa Fine Art Weddings:

Love My Dress: The Amazing Wedding of Hannah and Henry at Aynhoe Park

Photography by Jay Rowden:

Love My Dress: Zita Elze ~ Unique and Enchanting Wedding Flowers

Photography by Julian Winslow Photography:

Green Wedding Shoes: Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

Photography by Abby Grace Photography:

DIY Bride: Elegant Halloween DIY Wedding

Photography by Two Birds Photography:

The Knotty Bride: Gothic Wilderness Inspiration

Photography by Izzy Hudgins Photography:

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