Stunner Thursday: Bridal Makeup: Cat eye: From demure to rock-n-roll

From demure to rock-n-roll, today’s Stunner Thursday is all about the cat eye. Now, before you dismiss the classic cat eye as too bold of a statement to make on your wedding day, take a peek at the top row of subtle and smoky cat eyes. Thinking a cat eye is lots of black to sport on your way down the aisle? Well, I’ve got some great colorful cat eyes for you. Looking to go retro? Here are some classic pin-up cat eyes to consider.

Whatever your ideal is for your bridal face, be sure to either practice your look several times before your special day if you are going to DIY your make up or hire a qualified make up artist that will do a trial prior to your special day. Your face should be you, just with the volume turned up a bit. You certainly don’t want a look that says, “Who is that?” Put your best face forward and enjoy the spotlight!

cat eye


Eye makeup


Eye makeup

Mini makeup


I Do

Idda van Munster

Nadine Inglis

Crystal Leopard

Purple haze all in my brain

Solid border


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