Stunner Thursday: Bridal Market NY: My faves and WTF?

Well, we have reached the end of my coverage of Bridal Market NY. Did you find any faves among my picks? I sure did and then some. This time around there were some pretty stellar examples of both and more WTF? picks than usual. So, let’s end our day by sharing my favorites: Yes, my favorite designer Claire Pettibone is represented per usual; a gilt wonder; the perfect Cinderella dress; an ode to old Hollywood sporting a statement bow neckline; and Project Runway’s Austin Scarlett. These gowns will leave you saying, “WTF?” Yellow neon…all yellow neon; tulle beach coverup; I hope she’s wearing spanky pants, because that hem is about to reveal a bit too much; that’s where my blue satin comforter went; it should be a train, not a tail, and is that an old magazine DIY project I made in Girl Scouts?

Bridal Market NY Faves

Bridal Market NY

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