Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Pink to Purple Ombre Inspiration

Happy Hump Day! This week seems to be going by really fast. Perhaps it’s because I’m keeping busy as I am working on a reorganization and “spring” cleaning on my house and hoped to be done by the weekend. Likelihood of being done by Saturday? Ha ha…yeah, not going to happen. That’s okay though, my distraction (aka kiddo) makes up for it in cuteness.

Today’s Wedding Wednesday inspiration comes from one gorgeous gown from Atelier Versace Spring 2011. It runs a gorgeous ombre from pale pink to dark plum. Such a beautiful color palette that can easily be replicated in your own fete using the ombre effect from your bouquet to your cake. The key to using ombre in your wedding design is throwing in some solids here and there to keep the pattern from overloading the senses. Too much ombre can make a room so busy that the eye has nowhere to land. So, I hope you enjoy this bit of inspiration and that it gives your own creativity a spark.

Pink to Purple Ombre Wedding